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About Me

Thanks for stopping by. I have been on MM (and OMP too) for about a year now, and have had a great time. I have received great feedback from the models I have worked with and that drives me to keep doing better - and it always can get better.

My style is mad scientist - you want it, I shoot it and a session is me dragging out every piece of lighting equipment to get the right shot. I start with an idea, and then it is controlled chaos from there.

I shoot regular paying gigs to support my habit, so I am most interested in fun n Funky. I want to create art here. I think that tattoos, piercings, stretching, et. al. add to the fun and love to shoot them.

The flake to shoot ratio, has forced me to downscope my shooting location, so I am shooting studio out of my house now. I can still get the same finished product, just a lot more cussing about a more confined space 0

I work a full time job, so any shoots are done in the evening or weekends. I pay for models from time to time, but right now I am broke, so TFP/TFCD is more my speed, but I will help out with expenses if someone needs gas money or wants to split on a MUA. Escorts aren't necessary, but are always welcome if you feel they are.

I love to shoot infants and small children (actually, my favs). So, if you are a model with a small child I would love to work with you.

Thanks and I hope this leads to great shots and great friends.


Great people I have worked with:
Stella MM 1426260 OMP# 427187 A wonderful imaginative young lady
Elkie Cooper# OMP 385695, MM 821240 Very cute pro takes the work out of directing a model
Ballet Femme MM# 1096782 Fun, fun, fun. The possibilities in this model are limitless
Britta MM# #1670922 - Great teen model, with nice long features.

Make Up Artists:
Leontyne Reaves - MUA MM# 1244823
MadeUP by Kat - MUA MM# 368187

Published Work
Schmap Guides 2008
Asian Restaurant News Oct 2010


02 Nov 10 17:18
Excellent work
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