About Me



** Keeping a positive mental attitude is one of the keys to success

** The choice is always up to you, but make it quickly

** There is no such thing as ugly people, only lazy people

Hello my name is Frank, thank you for stopping by to check out my port.

I would describe myself as a people photographer. Most of what I do involves weddings and engagements, also include private parties and special events. These work are great and pays the bills, but can be a bit mundane and repetitive.

Clients book me because of what they have seen from my portfolio so its not the time to practice new techniques and styles.

What Am I Doing Here

That's why I am here on Model Mayhem, especially when it comes to TF*, it is a great way to try new techniques such as lighting and composition, or try out new equipments. Most of the models that I have worked with on a TF* relationships have been more than happy to try and experiment something new. Obviously if you see something you like in my port, we can work toward that style as well.

Paid work will always come before TF*, please excuse me if I had to reschedule an appointment because of this.

My Style

What I do is simple, I create art that is personal and attract the viewers attention, twice. I frame and capture moments that say more than hello this is my smile. Each photo session is conversation between me and the subject.

Unlike many other photographers, my shoots are completed quite quickly in comparison. I will always try to limit the time to less than 2 hours. My philosophy is that if I can't produce excellent photography in 2 hours, I won't be able to do it in 5.

I am a strong believer against “machine gun style” shooting. If you don't know what that means, I am sure you've all seen photographers with fingers stuck to the shutter and firing off frames after frames of the exact same pose...I take most of the time to think and visualise the shot before I event look through the camera.

Having portable lighting equipments means I am not restricted in where I can set-up a shoot, whether indoors or outdoors. This means I am just as comfortable in your home, at a beach, on a rooftop, etc. Having different backgrounds and environment is a great way to enhance the theme and that's why I mostly avoid studio type shoots because I think it is boring. Being creative is the key to a great shot!

My Expectation of A Model

For TF* models, come to a shoot with a jolly (does that sound weird?) attitude. Remember that you are here to learn, show off yourself and have fun in the process. Instructions will be given to you prior to the shoot regarding clothing, make-up, props, etc. On the shoot, I will guide you through various poses and expressions to create that stunning photograph. It is also good to have ideas of what you want to achieve, so write them down or bring along sample pictures.

We are here to collaborate, your ideas and input to the shoot is very important.

One other reason to keep the shoot short is when you are tired, it will show in the photo.

For paid models, you are here to work and being paid to do so. You must be knowledgeable when it comes to poses and expressions which shows the best of you.

Can I bring an escort?

By all means, yes. But anyone other the client/model/team member will not be allowed on the set unless they are part of the actual photos being shot. This is to make sure the model can have 100% concentration with the photographer.

I do not treat Model Mayhem as a dating site, I am here as a professional to create beautiful images that can further improve my skills as a photographer and you as a model.