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About Me

Along with the fun of spending time with my friends (and nude photography can be a wonderful way to pass a few hours), I love recording the natural settings. The rocks, sea, and trees of Canada are profoundly important to me, as my earliest memories. The discovery of a new location- a forgotten ruin or hidden waterfall- is a large part of what keeps me going. The endless qualities of light and shadow are the seduction of this hobby, and I try to record them as they are.
My images are my aesthetic. They aren't a political statement except on the most basic social level- the challenge of our discomfort with nudity and endless encoding of the body that any nude photograph is.
The love of rich color is fundamental, so I usually chose to work with it, rather than black & white. I want my pictures to be engaging, thoughtful and beautiful. Occasionally I think I've manged it, for a moment.
Naturalism is a strange mandate for a photographer, but I do follow it as a philosophy whenever I can. These pictures use no flashes- real light is good enough for me .
I used fully manual cameras until I went digital recently, but the principles are the same. My models generally use no makeup or hair styling. The results don't please everyone, but ultimately we make art for ourselves. I feel very fortunate to have found so many people that appreciate my images. I hope you enjoy them.



06 Dec 10 06:56
Excellent work
17 Sep 10 16:17
Your avi drew me in. All your stuff is awesome. Best wishes.
16 Sep 10 16:52
thanks for the tag and suggestion, but i do not do nudes !but if i ever change my mind, i will look him up ! thanks ! great port !
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