Jonathan Figueroa
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Weight:180 lbs
Measurements:0-34-0 in
Shoe Size:13
Hair Color:Black
Hair Length:Short
Eye Color:Brown
Ethnicity :Hispanic
Skin Color:Tanned
Compensation:Depends on Assignment
Join:14 Oct 2009
Last:6 Apr 2013

About Me

Hi there, my name is Jonathan Figueroa, I am a 24 years old with the mind set of someone 10 years younger, younger than that even Age is only a number anyway, since I fit in with people 2/3 my age better than people my own age (just ask the people I know). I am easily amused and usually laugh at things no one else around me does. I attribute it to I love singing whether it be in the shower or just to myself. I enjoy dancing at clubs. I like acting but haven't done it in a few months. I like drawing but I am not as inspired to do it as often as once did. I'm also sensitive (having both positive and negative connotations). Another important part about me is my straight-edgeness, well with out the punk rock and some other stuff, but everything else applies like no drinking, smoking, or drugs.

I'm well known as Jay Figgs a model, actor, and dancer.who stand at 6' 3" weigh in 182 I gain many experiences throughout the modeling industry. I plan to focus mainly on magazines, calenders, t.v., commercials, fashion shows, runways and other fields of print. Ultimately Modeling, Acting, and Dancing is my passion and i will work hard to achieve my goals in the industry.

Favorite Activitiest:

Bicycling | Swimming | Song Writer | Basketball | Football | Computer Skills | Production Assistant | Acting | Bootlegging | Rock Climbing | Rope Course | Jogging | Exercising | DJ | Cooking | Poetry | Singing | Dancing | Promotion |

the thing with "talent" and "Gifted" it's my character, and if you're wondering which one, then I would have to say all of them, for their own unique qualities. When my mother past 6 years ago i ended up working extra harder.

My Favorite things to do are using my computer, to network & surf around the web, play games, watching TV, playing my video consoles, singing, driving around legally, going bowling, playing pool, playing sports, mall window shopping (lol).

people who i mostly inspired are Tyson Beckford, Tyra Banks, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, & Ginuwine I am probably one of the biggest fans out there or so I'd like to think, because I know virtually everything there is to know about music, modeling, & acting. I watch and listen to them regularly. From the beginning it has inspired me, mostly the name of people i listed.

I love driving randomly with no destination in mind, usually on nice nights or days. I sometimes like walking, just to take in nature or whatever surrounds me that I feel is interesting.

I love to eat, eat, and eat such food like everything i mean literally everything...i have such a good taste bud & appetite. i graduated from windsor high school and attended college @ Capitol Community College didnt quite work out as i thought it would but now that I am currently a model & a person who admires working with kids will never effect me from doing what i love to do.

I like to do things with my friends like play video games like NBA Live, Madden, or MLB, or going out and doing something. I don't really have many dependable friends I can hang out with, I can only count them on one hand, this is somewhat my own doing, since I am straight-edge I have sought the company of those like me, but I am slowly changing that.

I love computers and enjoy using my HTC Evo 4g, and Incognito. I enjoy utilizing my creativity on them with personal and professional purposes. Otherwise I like to watch tv all day such as espn, new york knicks, new york yankess, or the new england patriots.

I got laid off from many jobs and I collect money while being self-employed.

*Willing to travel if expenses are covered*

Weeknights= FREE

Please inform me a month advance for a trip!

I am always full of ideas and will compromise if interested!

I am looking to network with multi-talented individuals

[tattoos]- 14 -

[piercinqs]- 3 -


I have to express my frustration with "photographers" who pick up a digital camera, snap a bunch of pictures and post them online, calling themselves "professional photographers! Some food for the mind.....THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER. There is a lot more involved. For instance; lighting, resolution, location, concept and last but not least PHOTOSHOP!
The golden rule to this game..NEVER I MEAN NEVER post pictures of an unedited model ANYWHERE! It can completely ruin a models career and
it doesn't speak too highly of the photographer for business and being professional

A good hard working photographer...someone who comes prepare and understand what they are doing...someone who is very good to work with and take its tyme know need to rush if I'm paying a photographer...I also would like if myself or the photographer have an agreement before the shoot...the form is to be filled out first before taking any snaps of any photos...meaning I would be expecting the things we talked about to be followed...know delays or anything...I will be expecting a model release form from all photographers please don't come empty handed without it i dont care who you are.

so if u do not match any of my requirements please do not hit me up thanks

BOOKING INFORMATION: (W/ all inquiries please)
either by my name Jonathan Figueroa, jfiggs42, or jfiggs4218

You can contact me at my email:

AIM Screename: madfig4218
Yahoo Screename: madfig4218
Skype Screename: jayfiggs
ooVoo Screename: jfiggs4218

Celebrity look-alikes




as of November 5, 2009 Im Currently Helping out As a Production Assistant

"It's Late", the new TV series, hosted by Gunnar Nelson, filming at the Mohegan Sun, inside the Cabaret Theatre Uncasville, CT.


Skye's Playpen Tv Show Episode 2...Guest Jonathan Figueroa AKA...Blunt-Sexy Guy...Video Time 28:57

Skye's Playpen Tv Show Episode 4...Onion Eatt­ing Con­test

Skye's Playpen Tv Show Episode 4...Onion Eatt­ing Con­

Also Check Out "My Evil Twin" Movies & Clips..Starring Myself and Gambrell Francois @


Title- "My Evil Twin" Trailor

Description- starring Gambrell Francois & J.Figgs in "My Evil Twin"- Watch The Movie Trailer here!!!

Title- "My Evil Twin" pt.1

Description- Gambrell Francois takes a bigger step by creating a small film called, "My Evil Twin". this small clip is about Gambrell having a evil twin of himself who wants to kill him this video is interesting. This video starrs (Model) J.Figgs as Gambrell's (Stuntman). for this clip.

Title- "My Evil Twin" pt.2

Description- Gambrell Francois Starring J.Figgs in "My Evil Twin" This Small movie clip towards the end is about Gambrell having an evil twin of himself, so evil that Gambrell couldnt even defeat it! so thats when his friend, J.Figgs tries To Play super hero. and I will tell you it isnt that easy definitely with a knife being swung at u several times. but the big question is who will save the night, and is this tragic over forever?

Title- "My Evil Twin" pt.3

Description- J.Figgs is in the hospital after getting his neck sliced by Gambrell's evil this series continues Gambrell is alone at home, and discovers that he really isn't alone!

Title- "My Evil Twin" pt.4

Description- J.Figgs returns from the hospital and rescues Gambrell but the question is did he come in time?

Title- "My Evil Twin" pt.5

Description- after a long tragic death of the evil twin. Gambrell finds out that it was all just a dream. his brother who is now injured in a car accident. Figgs believes that Gambrell is psycho and crazy do to the fact Gambrell blaimes his brothers hospitalizations on the evil twin. the biggest question is will Gambrell and J.Figgs go there separate ways after a huge argument?

Title- "My Evil Twin" pt.6

Description- Gambrell and his evil twin meets and destroys each other again. after the huge rival between Gambrell and brother J.figgs the too apologized and Gambrell came back home to a open door who he believed he had locked. what was inside those open doors was the evil who Gambrell had thought was his nightmare. now Gambrell faces his twin in reality.

Title- "My Evil Twin" pt.7

Description- Gambrell Francois transforms into a female nurse to seduce J.Figgs in the hospital.


Photographers I've worked with: Fyffe Photography

Models I've worked with:

(Jonathan Figueroa)Model- "Kencar Fashion Magazine"/Carolyn Adams- Boss
Film/TV Producer- Dan Griffin
Skye's Playpen Tv Show Producer/Host: Izzy co-host: my hooka Blunt-Sexy Guy- Jonathan Figueroa
"It's Late" Hosted by Gunnar Nelson...Production Assistant- Jonathan Figueroa
"My Evil Twin" Movie...Starring- Jonathan Figueroa & Gambrell Francois
"GnJ Entertainment TV" Show & Music- Jonathan Figueroa...Song Title "Tuna Fish"
"Gambrell Francois Entertainment TV" Show...Guest- Jonathan Figueroa
"The Bad & Sexy Club" Reality Show...Starring- Jonathan Figueroa including others
Trey Songz-(Idol)
Model Mayhem-Greatest Networking site!


16 Oct 10 19:27
Thanks for the friend request. Please keep in touch. Xiomaro
19 May 10 19:55
Jonathan, If you need anything we are all here and if you are interested in contributing to our magazine, feel free to message me:
23 Jan 10 23:50
Thank you for the add. Much success to you....
15 Jan 10 14:05
Hey Thanks For the friend request:)
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Look who it is....=)
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Hey sweetie Nice the pics..keep up the good work.. Jada
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very nice and creative port
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