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About Me

After attending numerous modeling shoots and fashion/glamor training seminars and workshops, I discovered that I enjoy working with new and/or experienced models, and I would love to work with more to help them build or improve their portfolio. I am willing to work on a TF* basis with select models that I feel might be able to contribute to my own portfolio. I am always open to your ideas if you have a special project in mind.

I have been in photography seriously for several years concentrating on landscapes, cityscapes, creative, and infrared, and have some of my work displayed in several brick and mortar galleries. However, in the last year or so I have moved into the fashion/glamor/artistic area, and I now have a studio with backdrops, lights, reflectors, etc. set up in my office building (a converted 100+ year old cottage on Arlington Place in Macon's historical district) specifically for this purpose.

Yes, that is me in the profile ICON. I think that a model might want some idea of what the photographer, that she is going to entrust with taking her photos, looks like. Looks can be deceiving, but they can also be telling.... See, no dueling scars (maybe under the beard?), 2 ears (only 1 showing in the photo, but 2), and 2 non-demon eyes.... Just a big old cuddly teddy bear!

Bringing an escort is fine if it would make you more comfortable. I want you to feel secure and safe, or it will show in our work. I do ask that your escort remain in the reception area (only one room away) while we are working so that there are no distractions to either of us.

I do not ask a model to wear anything or do any pose with which she might be uncomfortable. If the model is not comfortable, it will likely show in the results of the shoot. However, I do often shoot glamor and artistic nudes when the model is agreeable. I also invite the model to bring her Ipod or MP3 player, and I'll plug it into my system.

I do not give the model a disk with every shot that I take during a session unless I am being paid, and it is agreed to and understood before the shoot. On most shoots I do anywhere from 150-300 or more shots in raw format. I only do post processing on those shots that I consider the very best in showing the model's beauty and skill, and I do not release raw unedited photo files to the model or anyone else. I really consider my most important job in working with a model is to make the model look as beautiful as possible.

Unless otherwise agreed, and especially on TFP shoots, I place my watermark on all edited photos, and I expect it to remain there. That is often the only consideration that I get for a TFP shoot.

Depending on the type of shoot, the model will be asked to sign an appropriate release and provide an appropriate document to show proof of age. A copy of the proof of age will be kept with the model's release in my files. The release is reciprocal and for the benefit of both the model and myself. A copy of anything that the model signs is given to her for her records.

Although the model and the photographer should be serious about their craft, I like for a shoot to be a fun and enjoyable time for both the model and myself. If a model and the photographer are not having a good time during a shoot, then they may as well be chopping wood.

If you would like to contact me about working together you can email me direct at HomerScarborough@att.net using "model" as the subject, or telephone me at 478-746-0295, which is my studio/law office telephone number, or at 478-747-1126, which is my cell phone. If there is no answer, just leave word, and I'll get back to you promptly. My yahoo chat name is DreamShifter, if you want to contact me that way, and I am hms66 on twitter.

If you would like to see more examples of my work email me, and I'll send you site addresses. If you would like to see a 90 second slide show of some of my shots of various models that I worked with in 2009, then go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rwApoa7Zrg

Here is another example of my work in a 30 second slide show that I prepared for model Rae Komlo (MM#747899):
http://animoto.com/play/aiFpcAjI2P2jaWn … start=true

I recently redid the Rae Komlo slide show as a "More Faces of Rae Komlo" (MM#747899) with some behind the scene shots which you can watch on youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4tdSqgsIAs and I also did one for model Marcia Marx (MM#1475636) here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0GEWGxDVGQ
I am also a semi-retired attorney at law (www.legalclinic.net), stage hypnotist who works under the stage name of "Harrison Smith," (www.hypnoshows.com), and a former professional musician (drummer).


In no particular order:
Alesha Clark
Shea Lee
Ali Hall MM#852472
Larrielle Hawkins MM#1213266
LeahLoo MM#902326
Kara Whatley MM#692080
Sarah Oliver MM#582265
Nichole Little Ga Peach MM#742882
Rae Komlo MM#747899 *
Estefanina Nazario MM#860396
ThePeregrine MM#297833
The Silver rose MM#727914
dixiecstasy MM#878101
Leahann Padgett MM#1165879
Leslie Pinck MM@716672
Asha Mykel MM #269517
Suduction MM#785763
Dakoma MM#842152
Charles Franklin MM#1211889
Janet Fuller MM#325130
Sheree Green MM#1127280
EricaJeanM MM#693887
Minuit Storm MM#1013258
Broken Star MM#1365022
Sandy Sun MM#1484636
Kassi Kimbral MM#834221
Marcia Marx MM#1475636 *
Rebecca Watts MM#1346330
Vega LeFae MM#1330831
Mz Monet MM#1195048
Cormicka MM#1263162
Joscylin Taylor MM#1887026

* models with whom I have had multiple photo sessions