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About Me

I'm a Fashion stylist based in Melbourne, Australia

Vision is one of my favourite senses

Styling part time for 3 years, I love brilliantly made, quirky clothes and art.
I especially like people with drive and vision.
My rates are very reasonable, and I'm currently working all over Australia.

Travel dates

Bali Indonesia 2nd - 23rd Dec


Melbourne VIC Dec - Feb
Perth Jan 15th - 25th
Adeliade March
Perth April


Great shots come from great hard working teams, I've had the pleasure of working with some truly brilliant people

Wendell Teodoro
Alex Pot
Harmony Nicholas
Elvina Mae
Laura Neumeister
Mat Burgess
Danni @ Direct Shots
Randy Pradhana
David Woolley @ Download
Kimothy Photography
Sjodahl and Richardson
Sury @ RuweiTang

Lyn & Lyndal @ x-lox
Prophecy Make up
Jackson Kennedy
Kate Blainy
Tia Gugliotta
Damain G
Dylan S
Britta Herold
Phoebe Golld
Vicky Goodwin
Rani Rajlaxmi