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About Me

As long as I can remember Photography has always been my passion. Growing up in Germany, I was first drawn to my dad's camera as play toy and soon got my own (I guess dad got tired of having his camera abused). I had a fascination with being able to capture precious moments for the future and share interesting visions with others. Traveling through Europe in my teens, being surrounded by so much beauty and history, really lit the torch. In 1985 I set out for a trip across the US. During my first days in New York City my camera was stolen. Knowing I could not depart on a journey like this without documenting it, I replaced it within hours.

Just a year later I began to play football. The images I captured off the grid were published in German Football magazines, which soon after enabled me to cover NFL exhibition games in Germany. In 1992 I felt it was time to change direction and pursue photography full time in the US. I moved to Los Angeles where I had the luxury of choosing from two leading college football teams and two NFL teams to shoot every weekend. After two amazing seasons, both NFL teams skipped town and left me with looking for another market. I discovered youth sports. The unique challenges trained me to work well with ambient light and also introduced me to studio strobes. It was an interesting time, my first fulltime employment as a photographer. A real "learn-on-the-job" experience. On top of working in my dream field, I got to travel all over California, Arizona and Nevada and even New York, and meet new people.

With the advent of the Internet and digital photography everything changed. I found a complete new love for photography. The old fashioned caculated way of trying to achieve the best image gave way to experimentation and inspiration. Shooting became more fun. I found new ways to publish my work and locate amazingly talented and beautiful women to help me venture into fashion and glamour. This journey so far has been very exciting. I love the freedom of working independently.