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About Me


I am a Southern Indiana photographer centrally located within an hour of Indianapolis, Louisville, and Cincinnati.

I work with people of all experience levels... be it their first time in front of a camera or someone who also has years of experience.

My main focus is glamour, with a strong emphasis on projects that have the potential to be used commercially for things such as product promotion and advertising. I have many ties with the automotive and motorcycle community, and am especially motivated about projects involving those industries.

-------TFP Shoots-------

I think we're all here for the same reasons - to constantly keep building upon our experience, our portfolios, and to continue moving forward. Adding strong images to my portfolio is my ongoing goal.

Look through my portfolio. If you would like to do a shoot in a similar style, and if you have a look that I feel would be beneficial to my portfolio, I will gladly put forth the effort to work with you on creating images that will benefit us both.

-------Hiring Models for Shoots-------

If you would like the opportunity to work with me on paid projects, I require that you first do a TF shoot with me. Developing a repoir with a model is something that is invaluable to me - before I can recommend you to a client I have to know that you're reliable, that your portfolio photos are an honest representation of your look, and that you're someone who I can count on to convey the same professional image that I constantly work toward.

When applying for commercial photography projects, I will only submit photos that have been shot by me, so if you have not previously shot with me then it is not possible for a client to approve you for their project.


I am always open to network with others in this industry. If you are a make-up artist, hair stylist, body painter, etc and are in need of a photographer to showcase your work, contact me.

-------Model Mayhem "Mentor in Photography"-------

I am on the list of mentors on Model Mayhem. If you are a beginning photographer who would like advice, assistance, questions answered, etc please contact me. I am normally very quick to reply.

I am very patient and have been told I am good at explaining things. I remember what its like to get started - the technical aspect of things can quickly seem overwhelming. Things get so much simpler when you aren't afraid to ask questions and are willing to put in the time to learn.

I am experienced with off-camera-flash, including both the "strobist" on-location approach, and in-studio "big" lights.

-------Escort Policy-------

My Escort Policy is something that I've tried to put a lot of thought into and view from everyone's perspective. I've never thought photography/modeling should be a craft that had spectators.

On one hand, I understand that these days you can never be too cautious... there are a lot of untrustworthy people out there who cause everyone to feel the need to constantly be on the lookout.

On the other hand, a "bad" escort can really ruin the shoot and cause it to be a big waste of time for everyone involved. I've had escorts steal items... I've had escorts feel the need to go through a memory card and delete photos they didn't like... and at very minimum ive had escorts who sat there and glared at the models and made them a nervous wreck.

If you absolutely feel the need to bring someone along, then I'll respect your decision. But please make this easier on all of us and dont bring along boyfriends/parents, etc.

Also know that if you decide to bring someone along, I'll ask that they assist. Light stands, battery units, bags with umbrellas and diffusers - its all heavy and bulky - no sense in a person being idle if they're tagging along anyway 0

-------Friends List/Friends Requests-------

I use the "Friends" feature on Model Mayhem as a tool for networking and for bookmarking models who im interested in working with. If I send you a friends request, its because you are someone I would be interested in working with and are located within a reasonable distance of me. Likewise, if I receive a friends request from someone, I normally only accept those from people who I think I would network with sometime in the future.

Often times I will use a Friends Request as the first step of initiating communication with someone. I've found this to be a good indication of someones activity on here - as well as give me an indication of mutual interest in working together.

-------Contacting/Messaging, etc-------

The messaging system on Model Mayhem has always worked out great for me. Often times its my prefered method of communication when discussing the details of a shoot. All of the information in previous messages can be accessed in one place - its just a simple and easy way to keep everything organised.

If you would prefer an alternative method of communication, just let me know. My email is , and on request I can provide my cell # to anyone who prefers to txt/call.