Javon Moore
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Weight:130 lbs
Shoe Size:12
Hair Color:Black
Hair Length:Short
Eye Color:Hazel
Ethnicity :Other
Skin Color:Brown
Experience:Some Experience
Join:18 Jan 2010
Last:25 Jul 2012

About Me


Check out FORMzine.com an online Fashion and culture magazine based in Ann Arbor, MI

If you dislike Male Nudes, skip my artistic nudes album and only look at the rest, Thank you!

Hey guys want to work with me? Book me by emailing me Javonmoore.themodel@gmail [dot] com

[B] *UPDATE*: [/B] Hey PeoPeL, I am working on SEVERAL new projects called "i want mOOOOOOre" and "LEGALIZE WHAT?" I am also working on an event called Gaga Inspired: "We Are The Monsters." I am looking for anyone who'd like to be apart of these Pieces! Look at my casting calls. Also if you'd like to Check out my Progress for 'i want mOOOOOOre" go to:

[B] Or [/B] if you'd like to know more about my project "LEGALIZE WHAT?" go to:

I've also been Working on A project with Photographer Sung Hei Yau. The AAPP Ann Arbor Photo Project thru Shei Magazine a student Magazine thru the University of Michigan! If you'd like to check out the Photo's from the project check out: www.speedstrobe.com

I have a new Casting Call up called BIZARRE WEDDING SHOOT check it out it's suppose to be really fun!
I will be In Grand Rapids, MI during this fall/winter from time to time so, if you'd like to shoot, let me know?
Check out this website for some pictures of me, that has never been seen before! http://www.foto-activa.com/galleries/public-galleries/adam-javon/

I've been modeling since I was 18, not so much until February of 2009. I consider myself very professional. I have fashioned oneself with an abundance of professional/rookie photographers. I idealize artistry from all points of views. I've done Figurative Nude Drawings to Figurative nude photographs. Very skeptical about what kind of nudes. I am not trying out for porn so don't ask me. I believe that our bodies are a work of God's art and I'd like to express it as artistically as I can. As I do enjoy nudes, I also adore fashion. I've done runway shows and I'd like to do more. I've also done alot of print work and I would love to continue adding that to my port. I, myself also take photography classes/Graphics at Washtenaw CC, and find myself rather fond of it. I aspect this site to be very useful for me, as far as networking with other photographers and hoping it will be beneficial for me. Not only modeling but I have experience with acting, in which I did for 7 years. I would love to get back into it as I did with modeling. So far, since I've been on this site since January, 2009 I have worked with a few Photographers doing TF/CD and paid work. If you'd be interested in shooting me, my rates are very reasonable, just let me know!

Last year my new years resolution was to complete a fun, and interesting year portfolio called "Diversify Me" and It was a success! This year of 2010 (happy New Year) I am dedicating this time to get all my images together and get signed! Although, I will be continuing back into school during the spring, I still want to make photos and this Year I am just simply saying "i want mOOOOOOre"! It might not be my main focus, but I won't give up on trying to get signed. You can contact me here or my email javonmoore.themodel@gmail (dot) com. If you'd also, like to check out my website, that has more info of me and more pictures, click the link above! Thanks!

[B] What I've Been Up To! [/b]

Rob Woodcox: Ann Arbor, MI (INCEPTION Inspired)
FORMzine.com Presents "Ties" Ann Arbor, MI
TRY STATE MAGAZINE's photographer ROBERT GRECO: Birmingham, MI
Matthew Paquin: Ann Arbor, MI ("VAMPS")



In order of photographers and Artist I've worked with

*****Paul Engstrom MM# 1254612
***Shaggy Photgraphy MM# 1160064
Murray! MM# 172506
Pariah MM# 177460
***Nick Dragun MM# 1058042 (Drawings)
Jakob Skogheim MM# 422295 (no longer on MM) his website is his name
Uwe Grosse MM# 59366
**Canaan Albright MM# 878974
******WJP MM# 1132468
***Wallsoft MM# 1013775
OliverWlodyka MM# 1102837
Spilt XO Sugar Photos MM# 531038
*****Sung Hei Yau MM# 1143937
Benjamin Dell MM# 597030
***Epiphany Noir MM# 139842
**Alex Minkin MM# 497888
D and B Productions MM# 1044324
***ProLink 360 MM# 808915
Luis LP MM# ??????
Menzo MM# 1094704
***MusMirus MM# 669492
*Sandro Whitson MM# 157594
Five Moons MM# 223342
Chris Teel MM# 1069538
Chelsea Brown MM# 284667
***Sophistikat Photos MM# 1324746
J Cross Photography MM# 100769
Sean Jacobs
Jennifer Ilene MM# 1023845
Jordan niK MM# 1632726
Robbert Greco MM# 774311
Rob Woodcox

Run Way Shows
**Shei Magazine release party/runway show
Dorothy Elizabeth's STREET COUTURE II - covered by Form Magazine
Peace Love and Spandex- Modeled for the TVshow for the city of Warrens bday! Photoshoot/ Runway in the Carnival
Dorothy Elizabeth STREET COUTURE III -Covered by Me- Formzine.com
Fashion on 5th Fashion Showcase- was on Staff..

Shei Magazine - http://www.sheimagazine.com/blog/
FORMzine - http://formzine.com/
Try State Magazine - trystatemagazine.blogspot.com

Photo shoots events that I hosted:
The Camera and I - Photographers Sung Hei Yau, Winnie Jeng, and Chelsea brown.

Jai Ferrick MM# 1366869
Mark Spoonz MM# 1272099
Olivia Bonner MM# 1272605
Gregory Scott MM# 379580

Zombies- Photographer MusMirus

Jai Ferrick MM# 1366869
and me

Jeff Lupinski (my boyfriend)

Futuristic Androgynous Rock Stars - Photographer MusMirus and assistants

Special Thanks to Stylist Sarah Rabinowe and Hair stylist Erin Gong

Travis Moore
Erin Gong
Heather Sprow MM# 691682

Also Thanks to Clothing Stores:
The Getup - http://www.thegetup.com/
Star Vintage - http://www.myspace.com/misstilliesstarvintage
Urban Outfitters
American Apparel

And the Closets of the Stylists!

Covered by Winnie Jeng on http://www.formzine.com/photos/futuristic/

LEGALIZE WHAT?: "legalize Gay Marriage" 5/15/10

Thanks to my Cousin Jordan niK MM# 1632726 for shooting this
and to my Boyfriend for making the images come to life!

Faceless Project 7/10

Thanks to Kim Tolbert and Canaan Albright for the collaborations and thanks to my editing this project is come to completion.

Tom Ford Inspiration 7/26/10

Thanks to Sandro Whitson for helping me complete this inspirational piece and to my editing for the composition of them all!

My NOH8 (Jordan Nik & Javon Moore) 9/21/10

Vamps 10/24/10

Thanks to the GETUP for all the Jewelry! Kelly is the best!

Photographer Matthew Paquin MM# 669492
Stylist: ME!!

Benjamin Casaceli MM# 1507701
Tim Ross

UofM's Northquad and surrounding areas!

Other stores involved:
Urban Outfitters - http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/index.jsp
Ragstock - http://www.ragstock.com


Rob Woddcox

Doug K.

Location: University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI

Gaga Inspired: We are the monsters! "Coming Soon!"

*= each time I've worked with Someone

Movie Productions

2 Days on set w/"Betty Anne Waters" - w/Hillary Swank and Minnie Driver (2010) (extra)

1 Day on set w/"Crave" (2010) (extra -"Gwarker")

1 Day on set w/"Trust" - w/ Director David Schwimmer and cast Clive Owens and Catherine Keener (2010) (extra)

2 Days on set w/"Salvation BLVD" - w/Pierce Brosnan, Ed Harris, Jim Gaffigan, Jennifer Connelly, Greg Kinnear, Marisa Tomei, Yul Vazquez, Isabelle Fuhrman (2011) (extra-"no believer" and "Church goer")

TV Show

1 day on set w/"Detroit 187 (extra "student")

Theater Productions

Midsummer Night's Dream - The University of Michigan Residential College's "Shakespeare In the Arb" Director: Kate Mendoloff

*Stroke Street wear Clothing thru Shei Magazine*
check out

Clothing Designer/Stylist
Dorothy Elizabeth MM# 1489750
AndyStylsInc MM# 1471490
Sarah Rabinowe - www.sarahrabinowe.carbonmade.com/
Dimitri T MM# 836426

*= each time I've worked with Someone