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Hello… thanks for stopping by my page (If you are lost and got here by mistake go ahead and look around)

I am a professional photographer that is continuously in search of new and interesting ideas to apply my skills and talent to. My primary focus in photography is glamour, pinup and beauty. I enjoy adding new images to my portfolio as often as possible and hopefully my models also find images from my shoots that they are happy to add to theirs.

During my shoots I also want everybody to have fun. I am very laid back and easy to work with (that means I enjoy and welcome ideas from models during the shoot). I feel that shoots work better when everybody is relaxed and enjoying themselves. I find that in addition to getting good shots that the conversations I have with models are always interesting.

All of my shoots are very professional and respectful in safe, comfortable environment. I am always prompt and expect my models to be so also. Communication before a photo shoot is very important and I try to answer any questions before the shoot that a model may have so there are no surprises the day of the photo shoot.

I do travel fairly often and try to be very organized. This means that I try to set up shoots well in advance of my visits so that there is plenty of time for everybody to get their schedules set. Communication is important and I try to be prompt with all messages and questions. I ask that models follow this as well… if you are interested in doing a shoot just let me know… if not just let me know that as well.


Rates & Pay – I operate with three different options. If I ask a model to do a shoot then I am fine with paying the model. If the model asks me to do a shoot then I expect to be paid for my time and talent. And third, if agreeable, I have no problem doing TF if the shoot fits into my time and interest. If TF, then I will provide raw, unedited photos for the model. If edits are desired then I may choose to do some if they are also shots that I am looking to add to my portfolio. If I’m paying for the shoot then I pay the model in cash at the time of the shoot, if the model is paying I expect the same courtesy. I work with very reasonable rates, just email me.

Copyrights – If I am paying for the shoot I retain full copyright for all work and images unless prior arrangements or agreements before the shoot with the model. If the model is paying for a shoot then I am happy to release full rights to the images to them. I only keep an archive copy for my files. If the shoot was TF I retain the rights to the images but grant the model full rights to use or sell the images on their own as they wish.

Model Releases – I use a standard professional model release that I require to be signed prior to the photo shoot. I provide models with a copy of the release before the shoot.

Shoot Types – My shoots are geared around glamour which means nudity. If you have indicated in your profile that you shoot nudes then that is what I expect. If you are only willing to do implied that is fine but I expect to be informed of that at the time we discuss the shoot, not the day of the shoot. If I am paying for the shoot I won’t typically do only implied but you can ask… I will make exceptions from time to time. If you are paying for the shoot then I will shoot whatever you want. I always respect a model’s boundaries and there is never any pressure at my shoots for shots that they are uncomfortable with. It is always best that everything is agreed upon before the shoot. If you have questions about a shoot… ASK QUESTIONS… PLEASE!

Escorts – I have no problem with a model bringing an escort. I have never had a bad experience with either a model or and escort. I only ask that the escort remain quiet and out of the way. If an escort were to interrupt a shoot I have no problem asking them to leave, if it is still a problem then I would ask both the escort and model to leave. I will not pay for a shoot if either the model or their escort are disruptive.

Age & Identification – Since my shoots generally involve nudity you must be at least 18 years old. If I suspect a false ID or you look very young for your age I may decline to do a photo shoot. In fact I generally prefer to shoot models at least in their mid-20’s to 60’s. I require a minimum of one valid photo ID before the photo shoot. If you don’t have an ID with you I won’t do the shoot… I don’t care if you are old enough to be my grandmother!

Makeup/Wardrobe – I generally ask models to provide their own wardrobe and makeup. On occasion I may have specific clothing outfits that I want to work into a photo shoot. If it is intimate clothing or lingerie it will be new and unworn and the model is welcome to keep the items after the shoot. Makeup is the model’s responsibility but occasionally my wife may assist with makeup on some shoots.

Speaking Of- I am happily married and on MM to connect with models in order to shoot photos… I am not looking to date you and probably won’t be able to get you that big break with some big agency you are looking for. I want to work with professional models.

I Don’t Shoot – Bondage, S&M, really weird stuff or anything illegal. Don’t even ask. It’s not going to happen with me.

Communication – The best way to contact me initially is either through here at MM or email me at Once we begin discussing a photo shoot I will happily provide you with a phone number that I can be reached at. I try to be prompt and generally will get back with you within a day.

So… let’s do a shoot together. Contact me today and let’s discuss some ideas!



06 Oct 10 18:31
Just stopping by your page to say hi and welcome! Please let me know if you are ever in need of retouching assistance
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