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Wow, I am so blessed to have had the response I have had with my work. Thank you so much! I am completely grateful for each of you who honors me with your comments and tags.

I am unable to accept Trade work. I will only be taking paid gigs. If I contact you for a gig, I will trade then. Forgive me for that, I need to eat and so do my creative creatures. This is my business and I am here to make it, like you. My rates are affordable, I am willing to work with you on a payment schedule.

Models: Please, Be aware that if you're going to call yourself a "model" be prepared to pose yourself. Yes, Photographers will be there to adjust a few things, but don't just sit there. You are NOT a puppet and I will NOT shoot you. (at least not with the camera.. jk:])

PLEASE NOTE: I do not accept cancellations at last min. If you are scheduled to work with me, you must maintain that professional agreement. I am not here to waist my time building concepts and planning for a model or MUA to flake the day of a planned shoot.


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22 Mar 11 17:16
Beautiful Portfolio!
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