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My name is CJ and I am a professional (full time) photographer for an internationally recognized photographic company. Photographing several local key political figures and numerous leaders of religious faiths. Also photographing large and small organizations along with portraits, families and pets.

Head photographer for a locally produced television/web program. This program is currently in pre-production with an air date some time in July. This is music show that focuses on talented singer/songwriters, vocalists and musicians.

Staff photographer for a nationally popular nightlife/event website. As I have photographed such celebrities, such as: Sean Paul (music artist), Cung Lee (MMA superstar), Thriving Ivory (band), Christine Mendoza (import model) and Leah Dizon (now a mega pop star in Japan).

Having a background in fashion and runway photography. Worked with designers, such as: A. Von Brossen, C. Quen, J. Domingo and had photographed a few Ted Baker shows. I rarely photograph fashion and runway due to its atmosphere of high pressure and attitudes (or lack there of).

Lastly, I am a freelance glamour photographer. Working with talent from all over the U.S. as well as three from Europe. A lot of this work has been seen in a few men’s interest publications as well as one women’s interest publication. Also being seen on numerous online publications and personal websites. I am always looking for more subjects / talent to photograph.

*** TF – I do very select ‘trades’. For my rates, check my website. ***

As I have my own studio and gear, I am still looking for one last dynamic piece to complete this great team, a wardrobe stylist. Along with work with myself, you would be work with a certified HS, a great MUA and an awesome DP / 2nd photographer / assistant.

If you would like to shoot with me and/or have any other questions as it pertains to photography, please contact me at: blindfoldphotography@yahoo.com.

Remember, what would you do if you know you could NOT fail?


Although I have worked with numerous talent, not all have an MM account.

Models that I have worked with from MM
Katrina Sherwood 553325
Kelsey Andrea 256720
Kamileon Girl 663709
Ms. Alyssa 670881
Misty Yomi 426175
Jett Ray 476751
Elizabeth Susann 123060

Photographer I have worked with from MM
Everlasting Images 475335
Theta Images 61518

Wardrobe Specialist I have worked with from MM
BBeauty Designs 164733

Make-Up Artist I have worked with from MM
ChristinaEM 603762

Also, having shot runway, here are just a hand full of the more interesting fashion shows that I have attended.

2004 "Walk like you mean it" fashion show - S.F., CA

2004 Adult Halloween fashion show - S.F., CA

2005 Collen Quen collection fashion show - S.F., CA

2005 "Elements" fashion show - San Jose, CA
John S. Domingo - designer

2005 Lush and Lust (adult) fashion show, S.F., CA

May 20, 2006 "Elements" fashion show - San Jose, CA
Collen Quen - designer
Ted Baker (santana row)

May 27, 2006 the Catwalk Purrrty - Santa Clara, CA
Satya Paul collections
Linda Aiyer
Fashion Facets

June 29, 2006 F4Nada photo shoot-out @ Ruby Skye - SF, CA

July 22-23, 2006 Santa Clara Bridal Show - Santa Clara, CA

Sept. 23, 2006 Paperdoll Fashion Show, Fall Line - SF, CA

Jan. 6, 2007 Le Belle Femme Fashion Show - SF, CA

May 12, 2007 Expressions Fashion Show - San Jose, CA
Carol's Lingerie
Misty Horn
Punk Cakes
Baby Brat
PSunday - Engla Murphy
Rany Rowden - Oxford Way

Sept 1, 2007 - Fashion Victim Fashion Show @ 111 Minna Gallery, SF
Jasmin Zorlu
Renee Vargas
Antonio Luna
Svetlana Pedan
Antuan Designs
Patrick Steber
Gypsies & Lords
Plutonium Clothing
Terrance Yu
Gregory Sovik
Alexandria von Bromssen


22 Dec 11 03:15
great portfolio!
06 Sep 10 15:48
Just visiting your page to say hi and welcome! Please let me know if you're ever in need of assistance retouching your images
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