About Me

Hey, I'm Joe M, I'm 19, I'm a skateboarder and artist of sorts. Right now I'm looking for models, either male or female. I am attending Citrus College for photography. If you wanna set up a shoot contact me for my available time.

All I'm looking for right now is to better my portfolio, and better my photography, if you'd like to use me as a photographer I charge what I need and can't pay for models because I'm broke and the economy isn't helping.

My hourly rate is $10/hr. And that is so I can put myself through school, photography is expensive :\

But I gotta say, I'm pretty tasty with headshots :]

(Looking for people interested in taking true[film] B&W photos. I can make prints by hand)

P.S. I'm okay with escorts, it's good to have a level of comfortability, and it's always good to have an extra set of hands.




02 Feb 10 03:01
Thank you for your kind words! You have a very nice port..
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