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Thanks for visiting my small corner of the iStudio network. My name is Kevin and photography is a passion of mine. I shoot youth sports in the Tulsa area and have lately expanded my services to include portraiture. From simple head shots and glamor to artistic and conceptual are my goals. I have worked with many great models in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, southwest Missouri and western Arkansas.

Some of my goals for 2009 are images that that exhibit beauty and photographic art. From glamour to themed shoots I am constantly striving to stretch my boundaries.

Randy Wooten (MM#1048787) and I have been collaborating on shoots recently and this gives the models two photographers to work with at each shoot. We've been working with lots of local talent and making tons of great images.

I am an easy going person and strive to be professional in my work. I do not miss appointments without a valid unavoidable reason and will communicate this as early as possible to avoid wasting everyone's valuable time. I expect the same basic consideration from those I work with. I am not here looking for dates, I am here to make pictures with other creatively minded people. I value the ideas of the people I collaborate with. I encourage everyone I work with to express their opinions, their ideas are sometimes the catalyst that takes the image from another good picture to art.

If you are interested in working with me to create wonderful images, please contact me here or at kevincampphoto [at] gmail.com
If you have a concept for a shoot please feel free to contact me. I also maintain a myspace and facebook account under my name. I also have larger image gallery at http://www.flickr.com/photos/kcactionph … 426651444/ .

All the best,


Below is a list of credits of the great models I have worked with. They each are fantastic to work with and offer their own beautiful vision. I heartily recommend any of them.


Far too many to list


08 Dec 09 19:44
that sounds fantastic just say when
31 Aug 09 15:19
Hey Kevin! I would love to work with you one day!!! Let me know any ideas you have for a shoot and keep in contact!!!! -Linds
26 Aug 09 00:58
Love your port and photos, Keep up the outstanding work. Big hugs, Marianne- WRS
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