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About Me

I'm not looking to "take your picture". I'll capture your best look, show your personality and give you images that will help you do whatever you're looking to do.

I shoot outdoor, natural light fashion/casual/swimsuit TFCD/Ps. We'll discuss wardrobe but the final decision is yours. Anything from bikini to burkha is OK with me. The kick for me is to get the shot and I don't care how much or how little skin you show.

You can check my stuff out here and on my Zenfolio website. You can also see some locations I like to use at

TRADE DOES NOT MEAN FREE. Neither of us is working "for free". Your payment to me is your time. My payment to you is to give you quality finished images within a reasonable time (usually 10-30 days) after we shoot. I always try to agree with the model on the frames that we display in my galleries and I haven't yet shown an image that the model didn't like.

Sorry, but RAW stays with me and I will need a release signed before we shoot.

Bring any escort you care to, as long as he/she: (a) understands it's about you, not them; (b) is not a jealous b/f or s/o and (c) doesn't bring a camera. Other than that, if it makes you comfortable, I'm fine with it.

Feel free to contact any model in my galleries to check me out. They're pretty much all in my Friends List at MM so it's easy to find them.

Note: I have recently changed my policy regarding FRs. If we haven't worked together and don't intend to, I will not be accepting an FR. So if you get a denial from me, it's not personal, it's policy.


Elite NY Agency - Danielle J Simmons Portfolio
OMP Showcase - Dusty Dawn Casual Key West
Miss New Jersey International 2010 Headshots


30 May 10 00:18
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos.
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