About Me

About me: I have picked up photography as a second career/hobby/passion/obsession. I shoot weddings, freelance for local newspapers at football games, and anything else that'll pay bills. I love all types of photography, model, street, and abstract are three of my favorites, and if I get to combine the three, even better.

I will do very selective TF* work, only with people whose work I feel would benefit my portfolio. My rates are very reasonable, some would say they are a steal. I'm worth your money.

I am interested in attempting to make a shoot tell a story, or follow a theme. I usually have a specific song or musical artist running through my head (it's the ballroom dancer in me) and I like to attempt at making pictures that evoke emotion, explore an environment, etc. I enjoy location shooting, and I have a studio based out of my house in Lilburn.

Concepts I'm hoping to shoot someday-
*Zombie Survival- multiple survivors and infected, multiple environments, and of course the weapons of survival
*Ballroom Dance
*Ferris Wheel & Carnivals
*Alleys and graffiti, the dark side of town
*Cosplays (I'm a giant nerd)
*Undeveloped housing (thank you economy!)
*Abandoned buildings, old abandoned train tracks
*A fedora makes a girl look hotter
*Empty houses
*Exploring an area/park
*Song-based narratives

Definitely contact me through email or here on MM if you're interested in getting together with me and making the camera work.

My portfolio can be found at both Flickr under:
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