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I shoot for many of the top modeling agencies including: Ford Models, Zuri Model and Talent, JetSet, Osbrink, La Talent, San Diego Model Management, Abrams, BBA ect... I am currently looking for models 19 to 25 years of age for submission to these agencies. I am also on the editorial staff of Child Model Magazine




23 Mar 10 16:00
Hey Bud!! It's Gorgeous up here today, I can't imagine how hot it is SoCal LOL
22 Mar 10 23:24
Hi Steve, Love your work here!!
30 Jul 09 15:44
thank you so much..your work is wonderful...I love the classic elegance!! ROBIN
19 Jul 09 07:21
Beautiful beautiful! If fate allows when I come to SoCal to shoot with an old friend I can meet you too. You are definitely the model's choice. You make us look exquisite x
15 Jul 09 23:33
Beautiful work!!!
13 Jul 09 18:36
Hey Steve: Good to know that hte guy who taught me everything is on this site !!!!
13 Jul 09 06:22
Thank you :) I actually lived in San Diego for a year and loved it! But I'm back home now. Next time I'm over there I'll let you know - I love your work and agree with the 'classy' aspect. Way more beauty in dresses/fashion. Shia.
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