About Me

Sono Italiano, vivo a Los Angeles da 10 anni.
I am Italian, I've been living in L.A. for 10 years.

Photography is the result of hard work and my endless passion.
I started taking photos as a young boy, and I never stopped since.
I am always looking for something else. Something different.

To me, Photography is about passion, dedication and attention to details.
It is about inner beauty, not just outside appearance.

This is the World Through my Eyes

If I contact you, it means I am available for TRADE to work on some interesting
art/concepts or because I consider you an experienced/outstanding model with
a great/professional look.
Otherwise, I no longer accept TRADE offers at this moment. Sorry!

I am available for PAID works for: headshots, beauty, food photography, events, engagements, etc...
Please inquire for my (reasonable) rates if interested.

Check here for more of my works:
My MM Extended Portfolio
My website - The World Through my Eyes

Check also my MM Photo Retouching page:
Paolino Retouch

Prize: OMP Showcase 0 Model #416805

I really do take charge and responsibility on the result of my work, so please
DO NOT expect to receive RAW photos on CD right after the shoot. I need time to edit the photos, so be patient and I will deliver a great quality product to you... as I always do with all my models.  

Given the (unfortunate) series of events I have experienced in this website, I have to ask you to:

1) have a committed, professional attitude, as I do
2) be on-time and don't flake (24hrs notice PLEASE)
3) list my references in your photos (portfolio, you know?)
4) have your wardrobe in a proper state (wrinkles are NOT proper)
5) have clean nails/hands/feet as they could be part of the shoot
6) take care of your skin (is important, you should know better)
7) have a cellphone and a car. It's 2010 and we are in L.A.
8) discuss the escorts PRIOR to the shoot, or they won't be admitted

NOTE: Please *DO NOT* send me "Add Friend" requests without first communicating with me. I am here to work, not to collect "friends"  







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