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About Me

Though I have done (and will probably continue to do) a lot of nude work up to this point, please feel free to chat me up even if you don't do that type of work. I am also VERY interested in shooting some implied and non-nude projects. I am always on the lookout for more swimsuit, casual, sport and lingerie shots to balance out my portfolio.

My name is Mark H. Edwards. I'm located in Herkimer, NY. About half an hour South of the Adirondack State Park. I primarily shoot outdoors on location from April through October.

I am open to TFCD assignments and collaborations, but I don't travel more than 3 hours from my location, or outside of New York State unless I am being paid or travel and related expenses are either covered or reimbursed.

**Please respect the fact that I do not give out unedited images for TFCD. (if you pay me this, like all things, is of course negotiable) I work very hard to get finished images out to models in a timely manner. This generally takes me two or three weeks depending on my shooting schedule. Sometimes less.

If you like my work and you're interested in setting up a shoot, feel free to drop me a line. If you contact me, I will assume it is for either TFCD or a collaborative effort as I prefer to do my own castings for shoots I'm paying for.

Shoots scheduled thus far:

July 11th: The Original Sin (#392591)
July 29th:Jessyka Ann (#804987) editing completed
Aug. 8-10: Fetish Pixie (MM#850527) editing completed
Aug.21st: Kita St. Syr (#59977) shot and processing
Sept. 11: Cuteyhoney (#861995) Canceled (transportation issues)
Sept. 14: Shivalove (#369429)--shot and processing
Sept. 25: Akonwara (#1173791)--shot and processing
Oct. 26th: Shandra Stark (#101286)--shot and processing

TBA: B. Debauchery (#623704) in negotiation

*Please do not tag my profile with *vote for me* requests, they will be treated as spam. (ie: deleted and ignored) If you must ask, please do so in the message section, thank you.*


It has been my honor to work with the following models:

Ami Mills (MM#3625) 4x's
Janna Beth (MM#176547) 3x's
Chloe (mm#146202) 2x's
Sprite In Red (MM#381553) 2x's
Alli B. (MM#2814)
Shelia B. (MM#15662)
Amanda (MM#5909)
Shannon B. (MM#40057)
Isadora Marshall (MM#4874)
Brie H (MM#160688)
LaDonna (MM#174490)
Heather Sue (MM#412894)
Jackie Drone (MM#159789)
Samantha Grace (MM#3188)
Ivy 88 (MM#484449)
Lynn Elizabeth (MM#105651)
Katherine Welch (MM#360627)
Nikki Thom (MM#740209)
Iona Lynn (MM#44684)
Aubrey (MM#628025)
The Original Sin (MM#392591)
Jessyka Ann (MM#804987)
Fetish Pixie (MM#850527)
Kita St. Syr (MM#59977)
Shivalove (MM#369429)
Akonwara (MM#1173791)
Shandra Stark (MM#101286)