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About Me


Me at YOU: i paint, not take pictures, which mean i actually work for my effort!

*NOTE: i am not related to Oliver Mendoza, who is dead. please do not bring it up to me ever. thank you.

*NOTE: most pics in my port are 20% darker or lighter through upload!

SHE IS BETTER THAN YOU, do not attempt at being better:

Hey there everyone. My name is Matt Mendoza and i am a recent graduate of the Academy of Art, School of Illustration from San Francisco (yahooooo CLASS OF 2010)! i started out wanting to do comic book work, but found my love for TNA rather big, so when i took up pinup art i took it seriously and here i am cranking out work that i hope fans of the genre will appreciate. i also love to work on sci-fi pinups and fantasy when the mood strikes and i have been published twice in SCORE magazine as well as get my art in their message letter, but that was years ago, this is me now. BRUTAL LEGEND HONEST, stupid serious, but im a nice guy when you get to know me, just...dont tread on me or take a huge dump with your ego on me as well. YES I WILL READ YOUR BLOG if you tell me about it. add me as a friend if you really want to work with me, or you can send me a message of how the art process works and WHY i use a shitty camera to produce the artwork you see in my port. its not about the picture taken or the man behind it, its about the work that flows through my damned hands! so please dont judge me harshly because im not a photog who will pay for everything from your road trip, to food, to hotel, to the model shoot. im not rich!

so models out there who want to do pinups with me, just hit me up side the head with a message and we'll see if we can work out something together. just dont expect me to pay for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



ive noticed there are alot of Trolls here on MM who just bash on people who are honest and not photographers, please, dont troll.

IF YOU WANT TO WORK WITH ME, please understand i only do nudes from classy pinup, playboy, latex erotica and hardcore HUSTLER-type girl solo. no glam or fashion!

BREAST SIZE???: since people see my work and see that the bust on most of my models i work with or draw have large bust...yes! size for bust does matter for myself in the photography and through the paintings i do.

you want something painted up for you. all your ass needs to do is contact me for prices! (digital download only)

*for those who have tried to take down my profile page, you are trolling, shut up and put up with the fact people have the right to their 1st amendment.


(attention and warning list, HIGHLY on Do not recommend listing, email me for further details)

-DO NOT USE THE WORD "PROMISE" in your messages! TO TELL ME YOU ARE GONNA PROMISE ME THAT YOU WILL BE THERE AND NOT SHOW UP IS A FUCKING INSULT! DONT DO IT! ALSO PLEASE DONT TRY AND MAKE ME CRY WITH YOUR SMART ASS REMARKS, make YOU look like the fool since i bite back! also saying that you have +2000 friends that have your back doesnt scare me at all. i dont need my friends to fight my battles, so please, be strong somewhere else where someone actually cares. please dont threaten me with mod reports.

(please if you like to know more about the models which have been blocked with . then i can give you in full detail of how they work and function when you send me a message)
Look... if you are desperate enough for a teammate on Modern Warfare 2, im your go to mercenary. just add me to your friends list. remember this is just an offer for kick ass time! find me on PSN


IF I HAD TO DESCRIBE MYSELF a bit more in video terms i think this should suffice, i dont take bullshit from others here anymore, be wary of what you say:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEQPCL7N … re=related



PINUPS $150-$250 (single figure and background only) depending on subject matter

CHARACTER DESIGN $40-$60 (if this is your own character, please give me some history on the character like description of place, time,

FAN ART single character for the time being $60 depending on how elaborate the costume is. (knock off $10 if it will be a portrait of the character from thigh to head)

please during the model shoot, if you play rap music or anything related to that shit faced music im just gonna ask you to turn to something else or turn the music off.