About Me


I've been shooting for about 10 years and I am most definitely not afraid or too much of a prude to whip out photoshop. The end result is the end result...who cares how it got there, right? I've shot everything from seniors to fetish, commercial to babies and am always looking for that next "giddy high" image. I love working with themes, whether dark and moody or bright and cheezy and I also know of a few MUA's I can call in if needed. My rates are reasonable, flexible and always negotiable for what is planned. I will and have done TFCD of finished images with a model release if money is tight and you need your portfolio expanded, but it does need to suit both our needs and worked out in advance.


MUA's, body painters, and photoshop wizards, if you need a canvas to show off your work, I know plenty of beautiful, experienced models that would be more than happy for you to make them pretty, funky, and/or edgy that are a joy to work with and be around.


If this is your first time working with me, of course an escort is always welcome (boyfriend, husband, hired thug...) provided they are not insecure, jealous, klepto-inclined, and just loves to get in the way. Although I love bouncing around ideas and like to keep the sessions fluid, I don't need someone sitting behind me directing me to get you to show more hootie-hoo. It makes for a sleazy situation and, quite frankly, just sucks...and I will put them to work. They're free to hang out in their car jamming to old REO Speedwagon or Wayne Newton, if they prefer, but if they're inside looking over my shoulder, I've always got something a little more productive that they can do... )


If we are set up to shoot nudes/implied nudes, please plan to bring your ID's. Man, it makes it so much easier to get all this in one whack.


All in all, a session with me is always fun, comfortable, and in that non-sterile, stuffy, weird dentist office feel. Nothing worse than that...I mean, well, unless you like working like that. I might have a spare lab coat somewhere around here....

I can be contacted through here, my myspace page, or at demao_7@yahoo.com if interested in working with me.



(* notes how many times we've worked together)

Tabitha R. (MM#1249171) (********...or something....how about LOTS) - Amazing to work with and we shoot for hours because we're having so much fun. You NEED to work with her.

Susan (MM#1246484) (*****) - I've known her for years and is hyper-adventurous. Absolutely beautiful, loves trying new things, and can be around her for hours without wanting to strangle her...man, that is RARE....

Laura (MM#675996) (***) - OMG, this giggly bundle of joy is KRAZY talented. Throw her in front of camera and she SHINES. I am absolutely impressed!

Hannah (MM#1383095) (**) - For just starting out, this girl has hidden talent she hasn't even tapped yet. Comes across like you wouldn't believe and is REALLY into this....one of the few that actually beat me to the studio

Magdelin Rose (MM#517331) (***) - One of my favorite people. Period. Moves with a grace rarely seen. Hours seem like minutes with her.

Shannon Nova (MM#534581) (*) - Beautiful and crazy (in a good fun way). Can do about anything with style.