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About Me

Based in Yonkers, NY, Stephan of Spin Photo is here to tell you about my life outside Corporate Aviation as a Professional Photographer. I have always loved working with and being around people. On this path, I have found myself giving life, faith and a newfound confidence into people (especially women) that have lost their way through my craft. It brings me boundless satisfaction with my work to know that I have made a positive influence, difference and/or feel good about who they are and revealing the trapped inner beauty they possess inside. In this relentless quest, I found myself absolutely in love with the freedom of photography in all it's splendor and all that it represents. A photograph is a single moment frozen forever. For me - photography, as well as modeling, is an application of mutual creative mix, passion, desire, energy, talent, drive, art and technical composition science.

Photo bookings...
NO TFP/CD = "No Tiky, No Laundry!" LOL
Our rates are very reasonable and cost effective. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Out of State Models...
Now for those of you NOT in the NY/NJ/CT/PA residential areas. I constantly travel nationwide & internationally (Unscheduled Daily Destinations) with my main profession and just may be in your resident area in the very near future! Eventually I will be in YOUR area and we can conduct a photo shoot!

Looking forward to working with you in the near future. Find me on Face Book for more samples of my work!

Stephan of Spin Photo


Models whom I have had the pleasure of working with (listed by state / country):

New York
Jaely Duran # 1018211
Steven Montaos # 1073648
Maria B # 758086
Jasmin H #

Sandra B # 544195
A professional from start to finish! Strong, sexy, charismatic and takes pride in every detail/aspect of her sessions! A must experience!

Amanda Amazon # 663168
Stunning beauty & grace. Great attitude, fun, energetic and full of creativity. Very knowledgeable of camera & angles. Awesome to work with.

Lunara D # 403962
What can I say. Throw her in a bag and POOF, instant model! LOL Ok, she's a fun, bubbly, great personality and overall demeanor! All the typical traits of a Latina Valley Girl! Hehe

Marissa Jade # 373346
Wow, a joy to work with. A model with wit, charm and LOTS of personality who comes with her own personal hair stylist! Got to love a model who comes prepared. Killer smile, dedicated and focused on getting it done right.

Naiomi Cruz # 229262
OMGoodness, what can I say! She is funny, smart, punctual, talented, absolutely beautiful inside and out. Winning personality, very bold, daring and just damn fun to work with! Can't wait for the next shoot hun, we're going inside that asylum next time! LOL

Anna Chesinski # 439110
Once a hidden treasure, now is out and knocking them dead! Anna is sexy, fun, witty, intelligent, absolutely gorgeous and always brings her A Game. Did I mention she's also punctual? Who wouldn't want to work with her!

Jackie M # 1156328
I true professional. Intelligent, fun, dedicated, easy going, follows directions well, stunning with personality enough for two people! I loved working with her! 0

Melanie Tillbrook # 27039
A lifetime catch to get in front of your lens if you're lucky enough to book her! LOL Absolutely stunning and very down to earth!

Mitch Samonte # 605276
Mitch has to be one of the coolest and most fun male models I have ever worked with. Seriously dedicated and awesome personality and overall drive! Awesome all across the board!!

Dena G - aka Karamel Body # 19770
What can I say, Dena is a traffic stopper - literally! LOL All jokes aside, Dena is a very professional and dedicated young lady who is serious about her crafts/talents! You will not be disappointed.

Lea Dodson # 325402
A stunning, true rare find gem who pulls no punches. I loved working with her. Confidence, style, beauty and no fear for the creative eye.

Stephanie Torres # 900484
Kelisha P # 1117808

Marlo T# 535064
Such a go-getter! She's such a delight to work with. She's very dedicated and her willingness to be open to suggestions makes her and photographer's dream!

L Enjoli # 370893
Wonderful to work with. Punctual and follows directives very well. Creative and funny, but very dedicated!

Christina M # 11293

Melissa Norris # 21172
Wow, the Ohio bombshell! She is a photographers ideal model. Beauty, body and brains packed with that confident Latina punch!

Layza I # 264137
A model who is very dedicated to her craft and passion. She takes directives very well and carries a sincere approach to getting the job done well.


Yekaroma Hermosillo # 833986
Yeka is quite the hot tamale! The combination of her stellar personality, strong desire to excel and striking eyes makes her a triple threat! Such an overall joy to be around!

Davina Harry # 53505
Davina is quite an exceptional model. Beautiful, poised, driven, professional and full of personality. What more can you ask for? I enjoyed very much working with her and would recommend all to share in the DH experience!


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