About Me

I have been into art photography a couple, and have met some great models and also other photographers during that time.

Now, I’m slightly adjusting my mission statement and goals for being here on iStudio. I'€™m here to meet and network with people passionate about modeling, and that want to really throw themselves into the art. Not just models, I would love to interface with costume and clothing designers, and MUAs as well. To work on creating greatness and some something different, if not totally different then at least different for all the involve parties, an expansion of the talents and products that we already have.

I’m not expecting everyone to be a size two or a size zero, nor to I expect them to be 6 feet tall. I do expect them to be as passionate as I am about creating something. Obviously, I want it to be different from the everyday photos that I am paid to do. Not that I would turn down a paying job from this portfolio. 0 You’re paying I shoot whatever you want! Otherwise, it needs to be a collaboration if you want it to be a trade. Also if you need products above and beyond what our shoot entails… (Zed cards, web portfolios, a lot of excess retouching for more than our agreed number of finished photos) We can either work out payment, or more TF time on my photo concepts that you might be a good fit for.

I shoot males, females, and even couples. The more edgy, unconventional the better. Punk, piercings tattoos, I feel are underrepresented in my portfolio and I would like to meet more models with these attributes.

Nudity is negotiable of course, and definitely not required, but the TF does need to be compelling enough to be something I want in my portfolio.

Any body painting, extreme costuming or makeup is also at the top of the list, but you have to provide the MUA/designer, and any other props that are needed unless it is a specific casting call that I have posted.

Escort policy:
If you bring an escort, they better be ready to join you in some of your shots or they have to wait outside or far enough away(if it is an outside shoot) that they are not a distraction. Unless of course they are helping with makeup hair or something else that makes them a vital part of the shoot.

Thank you for checking out my portfolio.



Rose Macabre
Alex Ridgeway
Hugo T
Justin Wright
J Slash
and anyone else whom I've worked with even though your work has not appeared in my portfolio I believe every shoot has been an enriching experience.

Photographers who've provided me invaluable help and alot of insight:
James Johnson