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About Me

I shoot black and white film in available light.

For those who are interested in such things; none of my pictures are cropped, manipulated, cleaned, or post-processed.

If you're interested in modelling for me this is what to do.

Click this pic to see some pictures from the recent Castle House shoot, in October 2011:

Click this pic to see some pictures from the Pelirocco Hotel project:

If you're a model and you're curious what the test is like click this pic:0

If you want to book me


If you like my work and you'd like to book me for a nude portrait shoot, please have a look at this.

Several models have chosen me to do their first nude shoot. If you're curious about having some nude pictures but the right opportunity hasn't presented itself, just drop me a line. If you book me you can be sure it'll be a comfortable and relaxed shoot, and you'll know you have total control over what happens to the pictures.

You'll also get some beautiful and unusual pictures to make your portfolio stand out from the crowd - and my rates are very reasonable.  

If I want to book you


I'm working on a long term art nude project alongside my other photographic work. As you can see from the pictures here and on my website, I work in black and white film. I'm looking for female models who must be happy and comfortable working nude, and usually with other female models.

If I book you then you'll get paid but you'll have to sign a model release, and I'll have control over what happens to the pictures.  

What's the freakin' difference? Who books who?

In a nutshell, if I book you then:
• I pay you
• You sign a model release
I have control over how the pictures are used

on the other hand, if you book me then:
• You pay me
• You don't sign a release
You have control over how the pictures are used


A short rant about friend requests

Please don't expect me to respond to friend requests if I don't know you (what's the point?), or if you send me an email saying "love your port. let's work together!x". If you like my work I'd love to hear from you, but I'd like to see some sign that you've actually looked at it! Tell me which pictures you like, or something... If you still send me a generic message then I'll assume you haven't even read this, which means you're very unlikely to receive a reply.

Alright, rant over. What a grouch! I'm not that grumpy really.


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