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About Me

I do photography in my spare time for fun, relaxation and most importantly to keep a sane state of mind.
I've 'specialized' in nudes and portraits but also love event photography, especially when it's related to the two genres aforementioned (such as theater photography, behind the scenes, backstage, artists etc.)
I do almost exclusively film photography because I love it, not because it's hip, trendy or whatever else it might be regarded as. Also, I shoot almost exclusively black/white film, and only rarely color (either negative film or slides) but that's just because almost all photo labs I've tried have returned negatives that were merely a collection of scratches, fingerprints and wrong development.

My style is slightly voyeuristic and, as much as I can, natural and unstaged (this doesn't mean I don't stage my images, just that I try to get natural, laid-back results).

I don't work with paid models. This is just a hobby taken a step ahead and I have no gain from it (aside for my peace of mind). Likewise, I don't charge models unless they contact me first, looking for professional portfolios or other images they will use for material benefits. The models receive all images that got my OK (from a photographic quality point of view) and always give me the 'OK' prior to me posting them on the internet (or any other usage). So this is pretty much a 'time for time' type of collaboration.

I take photography very seriously, even if it is fun, and therefore I consider that no model working with me will feel that our collaboration was a waste of time.