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Hello, and thanks for checking out my profile! Right now I have very limited time due to a busy schedule. I spend the majority of my time doing concert photography, but still have time to squeeze in shoots from time to time. If you have some cool ideas for a shoot and would like to discuss them, then feel free to drop me a line.

You can find more of me and my work here:



Models I Have Worked With:
* Indicates More Than Once

Kimberly Kathleen (MM# 1057226) *
Ericka Wright (MM# 218512)
Stefany Renay (MM# 704094)
Alisha Saigh (MM# 1117566)
Angela Slusser (No MM Account) *
LindsayC368 (MM# 1266826)
Cold Chillz (MM# 1269870) *
Brittany Shockley (MM# 1092547)
John Shockley (MM# 1090524)
Kayla Perkins (No MM Account)
Danielle Krogh (MM# 1252471)
Abella Michelle Bala (MM# 1001465)
Michon Ness (No MM Account)
Mitzi Bledsoe (MM# 900834) *
Diana Chokr (MM# 1540968)
Jackie-Laine (MM# 1449591)
Anna Reynolds (MM# 1631223) *
Karla Ballinger (MM# 1442295) *

Makeup Artists I Have Worked With:

Sarah McCarthy (MM# 1235962) *
Abella Michelle Bala (MM# 1001465)
Michon Ness (No MM Account)


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