About Me

Welcome! My name is Desmond Rodgers and I am a photographer from Oakland, CA. I am doing selective TF work, due to time constraints and my belief that anything worth having is worth paying for. I have very reasonable rates and a ton of ideas I want to share to help others and myself build amazing ports.


The coolest thing about MM is that I am constantly challenged by some of the amazing work that is portrayed by its members. My ultimate goal is to build a photography team that consists of photographers, Photoshop wizards, MAU’s, and stylist to offer my clients a one stop shop of incredible print worthy art. I’d like to be published in different magazines with work ranging from editorial fashion to glamour shots.

I’m as friendly and easy going as I am eager to work, so don’t hesitate to contact me with ideas! The best way to reach me is by text messaging! Email is cool, phone calls are better, but texting is great! So hit me at 510-472-9753 or email to drodphotography@yahoo.com.

I also have a website at www.drodphotography.com with more of my work, so don’t hesitate to visit. Oh yeah! Don’t forget that I’m also doing family portraits and event photography.

I'm currently trying to get published. I'd like to do some eye candy / glamour style shoots as well as Jet Beauty of the Week shots. If you're interested don't hesitate to call!

-Desmond 510-472-9753



MKB the MUA Mayhem #643535
Plus Model Sumer Mayhem #877279
Model Trenell Mayhem #463919
MUA Kenisha Mayhem #806177
Chessi Mayhem #531292
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