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Carbon-Magazine.com is soon to be the webs premiere electrozine resource for photographers and models. Offering tips and tricks, how to’s, industry faq’s, styling techniques and lighting setups, along with photo editorials showcasing some of the best models, fine art nude photography that carbon based life forms can create.  

Welcome to the MM profile for Carbon Electromag. We hope you enjoy your visit. This is for a startup of a new project we are working on, carbon-magazine.com. This project is strictly high-end "fashion style and fine art" nude, erotic ( yep.... you guessed it, if we shoot, you will probably be in your birthday suit at somepoint (well, maybe with a few accessories...lol)). Having said that... Send us an MM message for more info about the project.

Carbon is currently looking for tfp* but when everything is up and running smoothly, we will be trying to do paid work for everyone.

Friend requests are great... we want to be everyones friend, well, almost everyone, but if your interested in souping up your portfolio, helping out our project, creating some killer shots and modeling for Carbon, please send us a message here at carbon electromag, (not just a tag). thx. Hope to hear from ya.


Not much credit. The banks won't let us these days.


25 May 10 22:09
Splendid work as always! JP
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