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I am a professor of visual communication and professional photographer. I have been teaching at the college level for over 12 years on the central coast. I have graduate degrees in journalism and mass media. I have worked for local news and have run a photography business for many years. I have published several books on visual communication and have several more being published in the near future. My images have appeared in galleries, news, artwork, posters, cards, and on TV.

I am always open to collaborate with other creative people to develop interesting and unique artwork. I really love the creative and collaborative process of fashion fine art photography. This would be great in the form of trade for images, but I am willing to pay models for my photography classes, and when the images will add to my body of work, or will be used for commercial or education purposes (books, contests, etc.). I would need a general-use model release in those circumstances.

**A NOTE ON PROFESSIONALISM: It seems over the last year or so, as MM has exploded in growth, there has been an influx of very unprofessional people joining this site. I personally have had many people flake on me, when I offered to pay them for modeling jobs. These situations cost me money, and hurt other professionals and students who were counting on these models. I understand this is just a hobby for a lot of people. But, if you commit to a PAID job, then please BE professional! I now feel that in some cases prior to agreeing to hire someone, I may ask to interview first, and ask for a reference. I can't have someone promise to show up and model for a class full of 30 students, who have paid money to learn these skills only to have a model flake an hour before (nobody wants to take MY photo!). I always treat people I work with professionally (ask anyone I've worked with). I am only asking for the same from you. And of course, I would be happy to show you my business license, resale license, tax identification, and insurance (the same thing large corporations ask me for when hiring me). It is very unprofessional to respond to a casting call without first reading it and sending me a message that just says "interested." If you reply to a J-O-B posting with nothing more than the word "interested" to me, or anyone for that matter, don't expect to be hired. I will delete your reply. Would you reply to a job posting with "hire me?" Come on, of course not. You would send a professional letter and explain your qualifications. How incredibly rude and ignorant to talk to one of your professional colleagues that way. It tells me that I would never want to work with you. It is also very unprofessional to model for a photography class and bring a friend with you, unless that friend is going to work and help.
I have met and worked with some of the most talented, brilliant, amazing people ever from this site. I have also met an awful lot of complete and total flakes. You know who you are, so don't reply.

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