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*UPDATED 3-15-11*

NEW STUDIO IN THE WORKS!!! Waiting on a lease agreement. Nothing too big but it's better than not having one. I'm going to be looking for models to put up on the wall so get at me...

If you want to contact me please send an email ( or a text message (631-687-0796) or use the form on my website:

I am looking to add a great deal to my portfolio in the coming months and I am always looking for male and female models to take on a photographic adventure. If you are new, we can set up a TF shoot. If you are seasoned, please know I rarely pay my models to actually "model." If you are traveling to the location and it's far, I'll hook you up with gas money, and I usually spring for lunch too.

I require a model release on all of my adventures. If you are under 18 you must have a parent or guardian sign the release also.

You may bring along a friend or two, but they have to be fun and energetic and make you feel comfortable in front of a camera. Please don't bring your bf/gf and be nervous or shy.

I am a normal guy who likes to take photos, that's about it. It started a few years back when I found an old film camera in my parents closet, I bought some film and the rest is history. I try to be open and creative and make my photographic adventures fun and artistic. If you are interested in working together feel free to contact me anytime.

I enjoy working with inexperienced models. It allows for creative freedom and expressions/poses I wouldn't otherwise get with someone more experienced.

I have a Lemon Tree Hair Salon that I use for hair styling. I also have a ton of MUA's.

Unless I'm selling the photos or shooting for a magazine cover or promotional poster I do not pay models. Setting up a shoot requires lots of time and money that I most likely won't get back. You may not be getting paid, but it isn't going to cost you anything either. Something to keep in mind...


M.U.A. Susan Perna -
M.U.A. Harlo Ricciardella -

Hair Stylist: Maria Licari #531021

Clothing Designer: Jae Woo

Model: Gina C. #1594220
Model: Anna Styles - Empire State Fashion Show #1363060
Model: Patty Kreiser - Empire State Fashion Show #1386177
Model: Alexa Dvorak - Il Divo Restaurant Advertisement
Model: Kiersten Faherty - Headshots & Website Photos
Model: Suzann Amarillo - Boca Tanning Club Advertisement & Website
Model: Sal Lo Piccolo - Album Cover & Website
Model: DJ Joey "Jammz" Luciano - Promo Posters for Beach Bar Hampton Bays, NY

Tattoo Lou's West Babylon, NY - Advertising Photos


14 Jun 11 10:14
Very nice photos! Anytime if you need a PhotoEditing/Retoucher,please touch me! And you can send me one to have a try.This one is free. Email: My site:
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