About Me

Thank you for checking 212 Photography Studio out!

This is me... This is my Life, My Career....


If you are going to be working with me or you are a model or a hair stylist or an MUA that wants to work with me, you have to read this and be clear on it first!
I am a professional and I treat the people that I work with as professionals. My time is VERY valuable. If you make an appointment with me.. it is expected that you WILL KEEP IT! If you have an emergency or something come up, then the wonderful world that we live in has provided us with multiple ways of communication! So use one and let me know that you can not make it or you are running late! If an appointment is set and you do not make it and you do not call. I will not work with you again, ever! Especially if it is a TF shoot!! If I am taking my studio time out to work for free, it better be worth my time!

It will be required that we schedule a meeting to meet and discuss the details of the photo shoot, whether you are a Model, MUA, or Stylist. If you can not meet before hand then we can not work together.

Also I will only work with MODELS, HAIR STYLISTS and MAKE UP ARTISTS who are serious about their art and or career. If this is just something you do for fun and you think you would like to do it for fun... then go somewhere else and find another photographer to work with. I am only interested in furthering my professional career with like minded individuals, I will not be used as a testing ground.

If you are good with this... then lets work together! I am a lot of fun to work with and I LOVE what I do!

My Name is Matt and I consider my self a pro photographer...BUT I still have so much to learn about the art.

If you are here looking for wedding pictures or my other work... please go to my website www.212photographystudio.com Here you will find my wedding portfolio, family portraits and more model shoots, along with the other work we do.

I started photography about 12 years ago as a hobby and quickly realized it was becoming my passion. I took the N.Y.I.P. Course to wet my appetite and started working in a studio shooting graduation and school pictures.

I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Photography with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh to solidify my career.

I have been doing weddings for about 8 years in addition to a full time job. I then got into model portfolios a little bit about 4 years ago and I realized that this is what I really enjoy shooting.

I have since become a full time photographer and made my passion my life!

I'm here because I want to keep building a strong portfolio, meet new people, network with models and photographers in the area who share my same passion and have the opportunity to photograph more models of any type, age or sex.

My rates are very inexpensive... down right cheap for a model portfolio.

Beginner Model Port:
3 hour time slot 2hrs of shooting.
4 wardrobe changes
Professional Make Up Artist
Professional Studio
5 9x12 prints
1) CD with all shots from shoot and 25/shots professionally edited, airbrushed if needed and removal of blemishes With FULL reprint rights

Professional Model Portfolio
4 hour time slot 3hrs of shooting. In studio and on location.
Unlimited wardrobe changes in the time allotted.
10 9x12 prints.
50 Comp Cards, color front and back.
1) CD with a maximum of 50/shots professionally edited, airbrushed if needed and removal of blemishes, with FULL Reprint Rights.

Other Wise $50 per shooting hour (2 hour minimum. Image CD, prints and comp cards ala carte.


Fawn Eckert #378017
Elena Freddy #810980
Autumn Renee #772838
Typhaknee Montique #798416