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Weight:105 lbs
Shoe Size:7.5
Hair Color:Brown
Hair Length:Shoulder Length
Eye Color:Brown
Ethnicity :Caucasian
Skin Color:White
Experience:Some Experience
Join:26 May 2009
Last:27 Sep 2011

About Me

My name is Rachel.

CURRENT PROJECTS! (a.k.a. What I want to do.)

* I am VERY interested in doing vintage shoots!! 1950's and older would be my preferance! Clothes are fun!

* Pictures incorporating various public statues in Spokane Washington / surrounding area (if you know of any cool ones).

* Pictures involving capture of motion. Specifically, I'm looking to do some shoots involving swings, and shoots involving dance. (I have a male partner, and I have a female partner whom I can dance with.)

* A paint shoot. I will help or cover the cost of paint, and will help with clean-up later. I'll get the paints if you foot the drop cloth? These may be nude, or may be in underwear. Also interested in Body paint.

* A shoot with another model.

* A water shoot. (Not sure exactly what, but bring on the wet!) I was thinking if there would be any way to capture someone throwing a bucket of water, like right before/as it hits, it could make some neato photos. Also the basic lake shots or whatever. I handle cold water like a pro!

I would be happy to do any and all of the above TF*!

I was born and raised in Spokane, Wa, and have always had a passion for photography. My mother was a photographer with film cameras, and when they fell out of vouge, she never quite caught up. I wanted to be good at taking pictures, but I lack something in the talent there. I love to sketch, and have recently decided to persue being an art model, so that others could sketch me, and I also would love to be a part of photo shoots. I only have a few professional style photos, having won a contest to get them, but I would love to do something edgier than just some cute couple photos. I have never done nudes, but I wouldn't mind it. Implied nudes preferred. I have shoulder length brown hair, which I may dye red, but also a conservative job that keeps me from any exciting piercings or tattoos or hair colors. (As soon as I quit, I'm doing my hair manic panic red again. )
Other thing of interest, I am a prolific latin dancer. I'm not professional, but I'd love to be some day.

As far as preferences go, I think the skin is an amazing canvas. I love the idea of having, say, an artistic nude with words or passages from a book written on me. I like exciting make-up. I'm totally for temporary dyes, so long as I can get them out and not be fired (hah...). I do not have any piercings, but I do have fake clips which are quite realistic if the need arises.

I also have a strong interest in advocating against child abuse and neglect. I'd love to coordinate with a photographer and some business here in Spokane to do a billboard or something to help raise awareness. I have a couple ideas, and I'd be completely open to others, if you have any in that vein.

I like black and whites, and sepia's. And colors. I'm not picky about backgrounds, I don't mind posing in cold or uncomfortable positions. I also have an alright wardrobe to build off of, (dresses, interesting lingerie, shoes) depending on the effect wanted.

I like edgy. I like sharp. I like dark, literally or conceptually. I like interesting angles and anything that shows off the body as a piece of artwork. Pin-up is fine. Photos that express any emotion strongly are great.

I'm have some experience, including several different shoots, as well as a commercial shoot for AB photography. I'm very friendly, outgoing, and confident. I learn fast, and am professional and fun.

I look forward to working with you!




20 May 10 00:03
Awesome work! Since OMP bought out Istudio and they might close this site down check out its free and offers 100 photo space!
11 Dec 09 23:17
Great port Keseken, if you are interested in contributing to our magazine, feel free to message me: Mike
09 Jun 09 19:33
Welcome to Istudio. I have seen you some where before. just cannot put my finger on it. lol look forward to working with you soon. :)
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