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September 20th shots pool party #2
See my casting for details. 

About me
My name is Veronica King I am a self taught photographer, photo shop wizard and fashion designer. I'm here for the purpose of networking with other photographers, as well as models, MUA's, Hairstylist, Fashion show producers, Dancers , Artist etc.

If you are interested in working with me. Please take a moment to send me an email (admin@labellafemmestyle.com). Please include, time, date and location of shoot, specific theme, style or idea for the shoot as well as number of models, specific outfits of interest and compensation.

I would love to help models build their portfolios. However I can not shoot and style for free. I am willing to negotiate rates. And I am willing to consider each models, stylist or photographers budget.  

Friend request, comments and listings are always nice. But I prefer networking and doing business the old fashion way. 

1. You notice my port and like what you see. 
2. You are interested in working with me. 
3. You have your ideas outlined 
4. You have a specific location in mind 
5. You have a hairstylist and makeup artist available to you. Or are willing to pay a kit and styling fee to my hairstylist and makeup artist.  
6. You know how to pose, and use various facial expressions.  
7. You have a budget. (all budgets considered) 
8. You are flexible in your choice of wardrobe and styling. 
9. You send this info to me in an email stating your interest to work with me. 

TFP considered for: tear sheets, creative photography, styling musicians, actresses, etc, with talented photographers only!

I always follow thru with my promises and obligations. If i promise you a shoot or styling, I will do so in a pleasant and professional manner. However paid shoots and fashion shows are always my priority.  

I've shot with a number of photographers, I've been featured in a number of fashion shows. ranging from shows for the Mayor of San Francisco to WWD Magic show in Las Vegas. I have been designing for 4 years now. I launched my line and manufactured overseas and sold out in five boutiques. 

I shoot and provide wardrobe, and rarely separate the two, unless for paid work, please see my photographer profile Depth of fashion by VK http://www.modelmayhem.com/cliquecliqueclique 

My goal for every fashion shoot is to capture the beauty of the model as well as the clothing she is wearing. 
I've learned in this industry that it's not about the expensive equipment, truck loads of lighting it is however about the individual in front of and behind the camera.    

My disposition has always been respectful, pleasant and accommodating. I'm very flexible and I am open to any idea's or suggestions. I work well onset and off and keep it on a positive and professional level. 

Some may look at my profile and assume what I do is strictly urban. Stop assuming. I change my style and profile with my mood and or each season. 

 I work with a broad range of models despite age or race. The only thing i consider is if the model looks good in my creation.  

PS. If I've shot with you in the past (TFP), and I don't see my name listed under credit, Please don't expect me to shoot with you again. It's a waste of my time. 

This portfolio also shows collaborations with other talented photographers. Namely: 
707 multimedia 
Photos by shai
Maroboyz photography 
KC slippery girl magazine 
Eric the eye catcher 
Ken Weisenberg
Just to name a few.   

[b]For inquires on wardrobe or photography, please contact me by phone toll free 888-867-1939[\b] 







Graphics by Veronica King, Hair by Issac, Model: Heidi Coffey

Photos by Ken Weisenberger 


[b]Email me @ Veronica@LabellaFemmeStyle.com for more details. http://www.labellafemmestyle.com
or add me as a friend on www.Myspace.com/labellafemmestyledotcom[\b]

Your welcome to join my social networking site dedicated to the fashion industry professional and aspiring model. Http://www.ModeModels.ning.com


* Gordan Parks
*ANTM (inspiration)
*Tim Gunn (For the constructive criticism and for encouraging me to re-audition
*Tyra Banks (for being a light and inspiration and reaching us women with your genuine heart and wisdom)
****Model mayhem photographers, models and MUA's. For inspiration, encouragement and tips. As well as positive feedback.

List of recommended Models:
Mari V. Richardson
Ms. Ashlee 1051198
Heidi Coffey 703479
America Yareli 1075299
Listy 1089716
Rosemary 596099
Malyj 786937
Jessica Ross
Sabrina Bills
(more to come)

MUA's and Hairstylist
Make-up by Rob 96763
Juan's Make-up 1091572
Issac John 632785
Rachel Clover
Melissa Holden
Martin Valdez
Liz Mae
Kelly S.
Rachel Clover
(More to come)

Photographers I've worked with:
707 Multimedia
Clique Clique Clique 1028588
Ishmail Williams
PhotoCPA 625512
Ed Stevenson 113014
Aubre Cummings Studio 5Nine 262384
Frankie Leal 454100
Images by Tom 119278
Steven Weisenberg
(More to come)

Most recent work: School yard shoot in Fresno
More Credits to follow!

Thank you Tim PhotoCPA


31 Jul 11 00:04
Love U Port....Perfect, if U come to jakarta maybe we can work together...:) you also will see the beauty of my country Indonesia with Bali & Lombok as the most beautiful tourist attractions and other places which could serve as the object of shooting
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