About Me

Hello world. I'm TylerJ. I'm 19years old and have been fascinated in photography since I was 15 when I joined my high school's yearbook staff. Through those four years I became known as "that camera guy" due to the fact I was editor and the only one of the staff to have more than a $100 point and shoot. Free admission to all the games and events were just the perks.

So those four years I primarily shot events, I guess it turned me off for event photography. I then started some senior portraiture and moved into some fashion. I've always tried to incorporate the historical and important landmarks around the area. I absolutely love living adjacent to the Tennessee River; it makes for spectacular sunsets.

I am primarily interested in portraits, willing to do some selective TFCD. If you have any ideas you want to try, please include them along with images or links to some images. I'm here to learn and the best way is with experience. My happiness comes from the possibility of helping a model build their portfolio as well as my own.

I want the model to feel completely safe and comfortable during the shoot. Of course escourts are allowed. I've never touched a model, but rather I attempt to position myself in the pose expressed. This guarantee's a fun and laid-back shoot to relax the model and feel no pressure. I will never try to pressure a model into any situation that she is not comfortable in. Trust is key.

I work in an IT department as my primary job, but spend nearly half as much time researching for new gear and studying other photographers' work.