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Hi, my name is Donnie or Don. I am a freelance contributing writer/photographer for Ol' Skool Rodz and Car Kulture DeLuxe magazines.

Ol' Skool Rodz and Car Kulture DeLuxe are hot rod and custom car kulture magazines, sold nationwide and in Europe, Australia, Japan, Canada, etc. They are the best selling hot rod oriented magazines in Barnes & Noble, Borders, Waldenbooks, Wal-Mart, 7-11, Safeway, etc.

We have pinups in every issue and we use models for many of our car feature shoots. We seek pinup and vehicle feature shoot models who can do a pinup-style retro look. Tattoos are OK, but not required. No facial piercings or hula-hoop size ear lobes, please.

You can catch me at most of the big car events in southern California, so look me up. I shoot for Portfolio as well and I do TFCD for some but am very selective. Contact me for rates, they are very reasonable. You can see more of my work on myspace.com/dcimagery


Special Thanks to Rebecca Morris Photography, Sherrill Hot Rods Assoc. , Tim Hunter Photography, Cynthia Bergiadis (Shotgun Betty)(HMUA). These people really helped me out alot. I'm sure there will be many more to come.

Koolhouse Publications (Ol'Skool Rodz & Car Kulture Deluxe Magazines)

Shotgun Betty
Liz Carrillo
Aubrey E and Co

Sherrill Hot Rods Assoc
Tim Hunter Photography
Mitzi Valenzuela
Anna Marco

Mademoiselle Jazmmine
Rachel Silverman
Lisa Luxe
Monique Malice
Rotten Kitty
Jenna Sherrill
Erin Bueno
Frankie Fairlane
Mimi La Minkz
Katherine (Kitty) Conroy
Melia deMure
Anela Amaretto
Lacy Lane
Tawnie Trouble
Erin Micklow
Pinky Sui
Nikki Nader
Lynda Kay
Neva Moore
Megan Renee
Lidia Pena
Taylee Belle
Brynn Bromley
Holly Cakes
Misfit Britt


22 Feb 10 12:52
Hi Donnie. Thanks for the friend request! I would love to work with you sometime.
05 Feb 10 08:41
Hi there, Notify me if you are traveling to Bali. Cheers,TITA
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