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Welcome to the General Photography Portfolio
Michael Knigge Photography

Here you will find a broad range of Images. From Landscape and Nature, to Product and Art Photography. One of my passions, is simply to take out my camera, and shoot for the very joy of doing so. Here you will find images that fall into that category.

Thank You for visiting my page, and feel free to contact me if you are interested in setting something up.

-Michael Knigge

My Model Work can be viewed at the Following Web sites



Models from MM:

Amir Moore ~ #1096546
Mona Loverly ~ #1148932
Kitt Foxx ~ #812112
Alvine Lawson ~ #1370806
KyraMichelle ~ #1353168
The Amanda Elizabeth ~ #1366904
Amy Kylander ~ #1378787
Sully83 ~ #1271752
Samantha_James ~ #663821 (As an Escort Only, for Bella)
Bella Beauty ~ #709660
Jay Thompson ~ #1253018
DatKoKayne ~ #1275815
Crystal Kitty ~ #781405
Pyrateslife4me ~ #1283834
Kym Dawn ~ #1266726
Keystone Moonflower ~ #1049621
Derrick Wood ~ #1179575
Sarah James ~ #1082987

Models From Outside MM and I-Studio:

Wendy Harris
Christine Knigge
Natascha Johnson
Natalee Michelle Lain
Franklin Marcus Knigge

MUA's & Hair Stylist's

Natascha Johnson
Lauren Schenck ~ MM#401769
Crystal Petersen MUA ~ MM#1142034

Capitol Magazines ~ MM#459972
Available on Amazon - "The Business of Professional Modeling"
Coming Soon "The Wench Compendium"


05 Aug 10 16:42
Thanks for the comments!
19 May 10 23:33
Welcome to IStudio. Please let me know if you're ever in need of any professional photo retouching for your photos.
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