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Hello my name is Julius,

"Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So... Explore, Dream, Discover."

It is not who or what I photograph or why I do it. It is the satisfaction you get when you know that you have created timeless images you are proud of.

I have been a passionate photographer nearly all my life, being a member of the AIPP; I am always on the lookout for my next award winning image.

I specialize is people photography, I love photographing Portfolios, Weddings, Portraits, cars and bikes. As a very competitive Street Machiner and restorer and having a passion in this field works well for me, I also shoot for a number of Car and Bike Magazine's.

How often in life are you able to have all three of your passions combine, people, cars and photography.

Over the years I have photographed numerous high profile people and still doing so.

I have been photographing and sponsoring the Miss Summernats and the Canberra Raiderettes for years. I also support a number of deserving Charities.

One of the reasons I joined this site is that I am always on the look out for models of high caliber to photograph for magazines. I have already had the opportunity to work with a number of fantastic models from this site and some have already been in and on the front cover of numerous magazines I shoot for since I joined.

I do not do TFP or TFCD as this is a profession, I would hire your services or you mine because I don't believe either of us should work for free.

I can't imagine myself doing anything else in life more enjoyable and rewarding than being a photographer and pleasing my clients.

More of my work can be viewed on


Don't hesitate to contact me at email.. julius@towerphotographics.com.au ..if we can help each other.

Thank you for reading my profile and working with you someday.


It has been my honour and pleasure to have worked with the following MM models;

Rachel Wells, (published in Oz Bike)
Tanya Day, (published in Live to Ride)
Jacqueline, (Published in Heavy Duty twice and Live to Ride)
Danielle Credlin, (published in Live to Ride, Hot Bikes and Heavy Duty ) MM# 1568834
Lorena Lacey, (published in Live to Ride) MM# 379805
Kathryn82, (published in Live to Ride and Oz Bike) MM# 788053
Suzette Edwards, (published in Live to Ride) MM# 1057970
Kathleen Rowell, (published in Live to Ride) MM# 1481249
Chloe Morello, (published in Live to Ride) MM# 1626551
Elizabeth Anderson, MM# 2004018
Niansa, (published in Live to Ride) MM#532432
Awesome Trouble, (Rachel) MM# 2167141
Chloe Butler, (published 4 times) MM# 1855892
Megan Pollard, MM# 2817739
IIaya Goldy, (published in Oz Bike) MM# 2418286
Alexandra Bromley, (published in Live to Ride) MM # 711257
Anna Keogh, MM# 1660027
Dielle Barnes, MM # 1972674
Tamsin Starick, MM# 1177616
Trixx Teeze, MM# 2967678
Ramonastrang MM# 3855257
Clara CMJ MM# 3100091
Jenna Pullen, (Published in Oz Bike twice)
Madison (published in Oz Bike)
Star (Published in OZ Bike)
Hannah Stare awaiting publication in Oz Bike


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Fantastic port!
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