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I have been involved with photography since the late 1970s and though I am now cofined to a wheelchair I am continuing with photography. I am relatively new to working with models however. I hope to expand my range through MM. Thank you for viewing my page.

Bill Cumberland



Models MM#

Renee Kelly 252309
Sallie Lou 592533
Ellen Marisa 263954
Laura McIntyre 371466
Mars Ayane 146100
Tara Ward 7567
Lindsey DeLong 1448099
Keira Grant 799498
Amber Monroe 1291570
Mandy Odgers 1511146
Kimberly Marvel 178524
Ann on MM 1408229
VERAICON 1523476


29 Apr 10 21:59
Thanks for the great comments. Love your port.
19 Apr 10 02:25
Thank You so much for the picture comment. Iam completely new to Istudio so sorry for the late reply. Your work is great!!
10 Apr 10 20:46
Welcome!! Nice portfolio. Best wishes fro DownUnder, Boris :-)
08 Apr 10 10:14
thanks for the pic comeents ;)
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