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I have a professional & private 1800 sq ft studio with professional lighting and equipment located in Spring.

I am always looking for New Models- experience is helpful, but not necessary to achieve beautiful results. I will only shoot what a model is comfortable with. I am very open minded, and love new ventures and new challenges. I always welcome all opinions (good or bad).

I`m not here to hit on you or get dates, I have my beautiful wife! If I say yes you`re HOT or words like that, it is in reason for Photography only. I shoot with every profession manner.

ESCORTS: I have no problem at all with you bringing an escort but please make sure your escort will not be giving you direction/over my shoulder/etc.

RELEASES: Models are required to sign a release, even if it is intended for just port use (as a record of agreement). I make no exceptions.

BEFORE THE SHOOT: MUAs and hairstylists are not provided for the shoot unless I mention them up front so please arrive with your makeup/hair ready. I can have a MUA available at a charge to you if requested.

If interested, please contact me. I'd love to photograph you very soon!



Thank you



12 Jan 10 04:46
Hello,welcome to istudio!
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