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About Me

Hello all, I'm Adam Narcross, and I'm an artist.

I work in oil, chinese inks, graphite, pastel, and occasionally water color.

My style of painting leans very much to the realist mode. I prefer concepts and themes that pictorially is Tableau-vivant. Philosophically, I'm aiming to produce images that bring into question current ideas that make up the framework of contemporary value systems.

I am dedicated to producing art. I am not motivated by money or a desire for fame. I have no external qualifications other than those within reason for sincere friendships, (which above money I value a whole lot more.)

My primary aim on MM is to further my own education by studying the works of other artists that I feel inspired by. And hopefully in the course of creating and uploading new paintings and drawings perhaps be a source of creative information.

I split my time between North Carolina, Tokyo, London and Hong Kong.

I do art as a way of life. This is not a hobby, nor will I ever consider this to be work. Making art is my pleasure, my code, and my humble privilege Thank-you for your interest and I hope my work finds satisfaction with you.

Adam Narcross


I thank all the models that appear in my paintings and drawings. They are without a doubt very special individuals. I appreciate the patience and dedication, with which my efforts owe so much.