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About Me

I'm a down to earth guy who's trying to perfect my craft so if you are interested in working with me I have a few rules.

Don't waste my time, if you are not committed to the cause, don't even bother asking me to arrange a shoot. If you don't turn up, I'll list you as unreliable.

Be on time or if you are going to be late, call me and if you don't turn up, then I will never work with you again.

I'll try and treat everybody the way I want to be treated, so leave your attitude at home (or until the shoot has finished).

I'll ensure you have a fun time and at the end of the shoot, we can aim to get some great images.

I'm currently after models for fashion and urban shoots, if you are interested, please contact me.

Thanks to all the professional models I've worked with.


Manny Librodo - 233281

Yasmine MakeUp - 1331937
Lisa Flynn - 1242784

Kaissandra - 1286503
Dan Perfect - 1269820
Esh D - 714506
xaverias - 382721
Samantha L Shields -1373506
Fitnready - 1368365
Andi R - 1370329
Candy Guiban - 1420334
Natasa Jesic -1431178
Montannah- 1410957
Jessica Evelyn - 1343909
Meowinthenight - 1083402

Models that don't turn up!
Nessa K - 678481