About Me

Hi! I am Ed. I consider myself as an artist who wants to express himself through photography. I enjoy the taking picture of Models. I have been a photographer for about 20 years and have developed my own style of shooting
Digital photography opened up alot of opportunities for me to express my ideas and a sense of style. I like contrast and contradictions. It makes it more colorful and challenging. It's been my passion to find beauty everywhere even in all the ugly places.

I would love to work with models who loves to pose in front of the camera and likes to explore new things. I can help you build your portfolio and even help you design it. I am currently building portfolio as well, I am interested in fashion, print ads and artistic styles as well as architecture and unique interiors. I am willing to expand on "bizarre" as well, if you are open to it. I love to shoot outdoors. Message me if you have some clever ideas or just something you want to do. I can help


Credits and wonderful people I have had the pleasure of working with

Trishelle Paris Model Mayhem #1574800 thanks for makin' me look like a ROCKSTAR* you're AWESOME! mad ♥

Bridget LaShae Model Mayhem# 900843I had a great time working with you and love so many of the pics! I even put 5 of them on my Model Mayhem... which I hardly ever change! LOL Thank you for everything! Maybe I can go get that blue dress and do a shoot in it sometime.

Elysa Shana's Model Mayhem #862057

LaDana Model Mayhem#1013955 Thank you for a pleasant shoot ed

Keene-Ann James Model Mayhem# 882684 absolutely wonderful to work with. I will definitely be in touch for future shoots!

The one and only AURORA Model Mayhem# 1075230 I had a great time as well... i cant wait til we shoot again.. im almost got the vampire thing set up just waiting on an answer.. love the pixs so far cant wait to see the rest of them....

johnnyalmonte Mayhem# 1555891 very proud of ech's work as usual the best no doubt

El Guerito Model Mayhem# 1537049 Thanks, it was great working with you

April Czerkie MM#1300653 Amazing shoot last week :) Love working with you!!

Poetndskies MM#1900204 The photo shoot today was awesome! Thanks Ed. You did a great job today. so can't wait to see them. We had fun. look forward to working with you again

DSC_6902 by ECH photo, on Flickr