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Modalsoul Photo is available for assignments world wide

We are currently accepting paid assignments ONLY
(TF/FTP assignments available to previous clients and or agency represented models etc. or if we feel it will help add to our portfolio's)

Notice: we are also taking bookings for dancers, (Ballet, Hip Hop Etc.)

For rates and bookings,
please contact:


some of our work has been featured in magazines such as. SotackyMag.com
Schön! Magazine etc.


Collaborations with other photographers:
Felix DaSilva (www.felixdasilva.com)

Models and Artists:

MM#147102 Brendan Maclean (Previously with Platform)
MM#377515 Edwina Storie @ Bliss
MM#794946 Tereza K. @ Platform
MM#638296 Elle King
MM#100224 TJ22 @ Bliss
MM#727735 Kara Murphy
MM#792594 Therese-marie
MM#792589 Joanne-mary
MM#802042 Callum Clark @ Chic
MM#100224 TJ22
Kimberly Woodhall
DJ Charlotte Birch-Worrall
Renny Chivunga @ Platform
Ting Feng @ Platform
Laura Gorun @ Priscilla's
Vinicius Cardoso @ Chadwicks
Danny Pratt @ Priscilla's
Joey Slomowitz @ Priscilla's
Laura Gorun @ Priscilla's
Tom O'Connor @ Chic
Sarah Crawford @ Platform
Siannon Pallister @ Priscilla's
Cristina Pintilei @ Chic/Yes Model Management
Jamie Kenyon @ Priscilla's
Filipo @ Viviens
BJ Jarret @ Chic
Teigan Nash
Aleisha Rose Groth

Make Up Artists:

MM#697807 Roxy2Foxy
MM#178166 Dream Reflection
MM#356798 Lyndal Hamilton
MM#852391 Pixie
MM#880926 Chris Chisato Arai (www.chisatoa.com)


Chantelle Piserchia
MM#808871 SJJ Hair

Clothing & Jewelry Designers:

MM#867905 Tiaamii
MM#699061 Culture Shock
Suzi Rose
LAB (Local Art Base)
Natina Jewelry

Fashion Stylists:
Lenya Jones (www.lenyajones.com)
Lalita Lu
Pip Vassett
Claudia Venti
Katherine Teroxy
Lisa Lee