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About Me

First and foremost, respect and reliability is on top of any beauty. What is the use of beauty if it does not respect you. When respect and reliability reigns, only at the moment that beauty can be captured.

Photography can capture the very moment or even the essence of a particular state. When that is achieved, the eye of the beholder can appreciate such a recorded event, visually. My mission is to bring about such events. I do not like to label my photography to a particular style, but I do enjoy from nature photography to nude photography. From an historic standpoint, it is amazing how photography as evolved from film to digital. To an extent, it has made the art easier. We can select which photo to keep in memory and which one to disregard whereas film is what you see is what you sorta get. However, some wonderful photographs have come out impressively, by accident. Others are calculated beauties. The woman is beautiful, we can all agree. She has been the subject of a man's desire since the beginning of time and since the invention of the camera. Before that, painters, poets, writers have painted and written extensively about the beauty of a woman. In nature, the woman occupies a very important aspect. Often compared to a flower. Her skin to silk or eyes to a sunset.
My most intimate passion is business. I am creating an presence agency where the feminine or male presence will favore the image of the client. We are seeking female models to advertise in public. If interested, let me know