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About Me

Now through July: I'll be working on an exciting project that focuses on strong women, who have been through tragedy, trauma, or abuse... and are still beautiful! Any tattoos or scars that represent these events will be focused upon, but they are not required. Feel free to send a note if this would be a good fit for you.

Thanks for viewing my page! I am a photographer, interested in creating many types of images, from artistic and experimental to commercial and lifestyle (stock) work. I welcome models interested in the following types of modeling and photography:

Commercial (Cars, Calendars, Contests, Motorcycles, etc.)
Artistic Nude

I also do the following types of photography...


If you aren't familiar with all of these areas, just ask me about them.

In addition to commercial work (which can sometimes limit creativity, depending on what the client wants), I photograph models, landscapes, scenery, interesting people in their natural habitats, animals, etc. To some degree, I allow models to bring their own creativity into the photographic process, when they have ideas to share. I also enjoy using Photoshop to do some wild editing... FUN!!


If you are interested in TFP / TFCD, you will find me to be very generous. I want BOTH of us to have images that will help us to move our careers forward. I am not only interested in shooting many different models, but also in building ongoing connections with those who like working with me, and whom I am continually excited about photographing. If there are certain looks that I would like to shoot, I will ask for those, and in turn, if you want a certain type of look or theme, I will be open to that.

You will have both High Resolution images for your portfolio and for printing, as well as Low Resolution images for web, emailing, etc. I prefer to have my mark remain on the images, however, I may make exceptions... just ask.

I sometimes transform some of the images with Photoshop, so you can have some dramatic color and effects, also. If you have special editing requests, then let's talk! I love to play!


On some occasions, a client will ask me for recommendations on which models to use for an assignment. They usually ask me to email a few photos of models that I recommend for the look and specific shots that they need. Having some exceptional photos of you to show them is beneficial for both of us.

Stock Photography is a niche of photography that involves taking specific types of photos that can be sold to advertising agencies, website developers, authors, editors, and others who need images of very specific things. These images may be used as the cover of a book, as a background for an ad for a hospital or store, as a header for the top of a website (such as the model with the mirrored sunglasses that you see at the top of this page), etc.

We can have fun and be spontaneous when taking some of these, but for the most part, I will be taking these photos to sell... therefore, they will be images that are more "useful" than "artistic." You will be able to see the website that they are sold through, and also see how many times these have been sold (just like you can see when someone views your photos or leaves comments on MM). What makes me different from many photographers who do stock photography is that I will share the money from the stock photos with you every time one of them sells... and the same photos can sell one time... or a THOUSAND times. Please be aware that modeling, photography, seeing your work in various places, and making money can be FUN, SEXY, ARTISTIC, and INTERESTING... but they are also HARD WORK!

Personality is important when you're working with someone. I've met both photographers and models on both ends of the spectrum, as far as being professional and also, simply being NICE. I am not "The Angry Artist," but more of the open-minded guy with a desire to collaborate and create art and something stunning, special, different... interesting. I have a lot of patience, and want to bring the best out of everyone, so I can just about guarantee that you'll enjoy working with me. If you share some of those goals, then let's talk!

Wishing you SUCCESS!




03 Sep 10 19:17
Just visiting your page to say hi and welcome! Please let me know if you're ever in need of assistance retouching your images
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