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About Me

First off... THANK YOU to those that have "helped" ( you know who you are and I am greatful to know you ! )

Photography was the start of a 30+ year run in the Graphics/Printing Business. NOW, after having spent a couple decades making others photo's earn Prestige, I am able to take some time, reacquaint myself with what got me started in the "business" and make MY photo's shine.

Stuff is always happening.... trick is to "catch" it ( and so few of us actually do...) 100 pics, 2- keepers and 1 ( maybe) that captures the moment and takes your breath away ( the elusive "money shot". )....

that's what I am always chasing.... (not the money, but the "gasp" when people see it ! )

Have Fun all ( most of all ) hope to hear from you 0



14 Jun 10 01:58
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos.
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