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lesley ann

About Me

-Celtic Imaging Photography-
"Capturing Visions for your Future"

"Capturing Visions for your Future"
That means more to us than just a saying. It is a Mission Statement. A business Goal. A Drive for Excellence.

Celtic Imaging Photography started as a passion I had behind the camera. The passion grew to a state of almost "Zen" for me, a world to escape to, a world where I am the Author, Creator, and Recorder. At this time, My Works Will be displayed at the new Mercy Fore River Hospital, and the Mercy Hospital State Street.

Custom work Includes:
-Pet Portraits-
-City Life-
-Head shots-

Now that that's out of the way....
A little about me.

*I am here not to scam anyone. I want to Expand, as do any of you!

*I am not interested in dating anyone.

*I encourage you to do whatever is necessary to be comfortable with me - ie. Bringing 1 (one) Escort who is not in the way, or making life miserable.

*Though I am new-ish to the modeling world, I have been behind the camera for sometime now. (Photo work in the military..Still Life...Nature)

*I am in no way blind to the fact that no matter how well the raw images turn out, there is ALWAYS something that needs to be touched up.

well, that being said, Let's Shoot!!!


Upcoming shoot with:
Euqinom - Mayhem #1137176 - TBD
Jezabel Lacombe - Mayhem #1617142 2/26/2011
Erika O. - Mayhem #1617227 - 2/19/2011 MISS JULY
Mkenzee Renae - Mayhem #1954666 1/11/2011 MISS JANUARY
Jessie Trueman - Mayhem #1659253 TBD
Kimberly Bassett - (non MM) TBD
Elle Ann - Mayhem #1734907 TBD
Becki Love - Mayhem #1677552 TBD
Trina Rivard - Mayhem #1831916 2/22/2011 MISS APRIL
Peach - Mayhem #1865470 TBD MISS MARCH
Lola Grace - Mayhem #1287844 2/12/2011 MISS SEPTEMBER
Kassandra Porsche - Mayhem #1519797 TBD
Elle Ann - Mayhem #1734907 TBD

{Key: M= Model WD= Fasion / wardrobe Designer B= Band}
Models Worked With Thus Far:

Vanessa - Mayhem #1908468 (M)-
Was very easy to work with, to mold into the shot we needed. Was willing to climb up and over things in order to get the shot. Very fun, and Professional. would recommend to anyone! (Miss February)

Jessica Dianne - Mayhem #1388777 (M) -
Needed no direction, jumped right into the "fire" as it were. A true pleasure to work with, professional, fun, enthusiastic! Want to work with very soon! (Miss June)

Lindsey PiiLani - Mayhem #1359292 (M) -
Needs Little Direction, Comfort with new Ideas, Willingness to get the shoot. Would work with again!

Weapon_Rage - Mayhem #1337298 (M) -
Would Literally do anything required to get the shoot, Easy to work with, Works very hard! Defiantly want to work with again!!

StrangeBeauty Bombshell - Mayhem #172496 (M) -
A level of Confidence and comfort in front of the lens that is unmatched! Truly a professional, and a Pleasure!!

Tanya Ring Designs* - Mayhem #1229155 (WD / M) -
Truly one of the Best I've worked with! Outfits are some of the best I've seen, not only that, she can model them too!

Melissa Mazza - Mayhem #426276 (M) -
Truly Talented, needs little direction

x Monique x, Mayhem #749397 (M) -
Wonderful Model

Bunny Blasphemy, Mayhem #677602 (M) -
Pleasure to work with

Jenn O'Donnell (non MM) (M)
Diane Underwood (non MM) (M)
Trans-Siberian Orchestra (non MM) (B)
Katlyn Dilorenzo (non MM) (M)
Kelly O'Malley (Non MM)* (M)
Amanda Villineau (non MM)* (M)
Madiline Mojon (non MM)* (M)
Mallroy Mojon (non MM)* (M)