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About Me

I shoot for myself part-time & have been doing so for some time. To me - life is about learning and my goals are to improve my technique, try new ideas & concepts, and have fun with people who enjoy doing the same.

I especially love the photography of the female form! No other figure has the form, the composition, and the shapes. My other passion is the sheer sensuous beauty of a fine black & white photograph; with its contrasts of light and dark and range of tonalities & textures.

I am continuously building my portfolio and also interested in helping build your portfolio. So, if you too enjoy the creative process & meeting new contacts - stop by, say hi and let's figure out how to work together.

Comments on images are really appreciated, so let me know what you think. Please feel free to send a friend request, a message or leave a comment. (18+, please)

Currently looking to expand my portfolio with:
- Inked and alternative looks
- Dark or Goth concepts
- Free spirited inspiring muses

Co-Organizer of the Austin / San Antonio Glamour Meet-Up Group.


Models I have worked with:

Luna 875746
Amber Flame 1321369
Lux Lechelin 671776
Hazel Brun 1410786
Whitney Danielle 688950
-Elena- 1674611
JEM 713507
Ashley Jonline 1924570
Amy Prause 1794397
Ari Lauren 1829899
Alexandra Nicole Zone 2361818
Lyla Tove 2447956
Rachel Nicole17 794549
Hollis Ireland 588710
Charlie Kristine 169262
Carlotta Champagne 3155
Jenni 896730
Bailey Smith 1696004
Floofie 65089
Fawna Moore 540180
Janel 1980111
Adrina Lynn 1017067
Lane Elizabeth 1120439
Paper Doll 518261
Roxy Vandiver 1134974
Melissa 510510
Engel Schrei 326608
Alyxx 515450
Isobel Wren 23168
Liz Ashley 26159
Jolie Rain 308044
Daisy20 591623
Tracy D 284896
Elizabeth Grace 61694

Gratitude to the Photographers I have had the honor to learn from:
Blackthorne J 157325
Southbound 8995
Tim Babiak 796201
JuJu Foto Factory 1581790
Steve Kinsey 12214
Mike North 155395
Art Martinez 32075
Michael A De Leon 40249