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I feel for an artist to call themselves an artist they have to create. Change things and add their own little twist. When I draw someone or something, I always try to look deeper than what meets the eye. I try to draw how I see things, not what they see. For what I see has already been done.

if you would like to see more of my art work. you can check out my blog... i post new paintings and drawings all the time...


or you can hit me up on myspace.


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i would love to know what you think....



31 Aug 10 03:50
hope all is well, please vote for me in the bikini contest at http://www.lookswimwear.com/contest/index.php?c=contestant&contestant_id=524&round_id=68 thanks for ur support, please pass this on thanks.
26 Aug 10 22:41
Excellent work.
26 Aug 10 20:30
Thank you for your comment, that artworks was a really painful birth, it was a bloody 230 hours job of layer of ecolyne (coloured inks). But now is one of my favorite kids, indeed! :@) Pietro
24 Jul 10 13:45
27 May 10 18:33
I would love to have some of your art on my bedroom wall. Amazing work. Best luck.
26 May 10 14:17
Thank you very much for your very welcome visit and nice comment!
24 May 10 15:15
Thank you!!! I looked at more of your work, I absolutely love it. Very talented....
12 May 10 12:52
thankyou:) yes all work on my profile photography, artwork/model. I love your work your very Good. I remember looking at your profile a while ago.
12 May 10 07:15
Strong portfolio, happy to be your friend
12 Apr 10 17:56
your are amazing! i love your work.
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