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About Me

--- NOTE: I am currently working on several photography series in various genres to spotlight my various styles. I will begin to upload them once they have been completed. I am booking in these styles right now and will be contacting models about one series or another based on their work. ---

I am a photographer who likes to shoot in various styles and I'm always looking for the next great idea. I enjoy feedback from models as to the various styles that they like to work in.

I shoot all styles and genres from editorial to edgy. Background and composition are important to me and I take a lot of time to find the right shot.

As for what I look for in models:

There are many girls out there that claim to be models but lack the true sense of the word, meaning they don't really want to model they just create a profile so they can say they model. These are the types of "models" that I try to avoid. I've been very lucky to work with many talented, punctual, genuine models who share the same passion I do. So please, "models" only.

I also expect that if we have scheduled a shoot, that you actually show up. I know that's a common sense thing but it happens. I would rather someone call me an hour ahead of time and cancel, than just not show up. Again it happens.

That said, I am open to suggestion, I give direction if the model needs it and I am always willing to give copies of the shoot regardless if it's paid or not.

Thank you or viewing my profile and I look forward to working with you!